We take stock of Vikings Valhalla

Vikings, it's over. The epic of Ragnar and his sons ended with this sixth season, a season of which the last episodes were broadcast in the United States earlier this week. It is a real blow for all the fans that counted the show, but that they be reassured, because Odin, Thor and all the others are not close to leaving their life so far.

A derivative series is indeed in preparation. Dubbed Vikings Valhalla, it will take place a hundred years later and we now know a little more about its history and its characters.

We Take Stock Of Vikings Valhalla
An image taken from Vikings

Starting with its mode of distribution. Exit indeed television, Valhalla will be broadcast on Netflix. Better yet, you won't have to wait months to discover it since it will arrive in the platform's catalog in 2021, or somewhere in the next few months.

Vikings Valhalla, we don't take the same, but we start over

Created by Jeb Stuart, Vikings Valhalla will take place one hundred years after the end of Vikings. It also means that all the heroes we know will have passed the weapon on the left. All that will remain are legends and other tales built around their feats of arms.

Kattegat will also still be standing. Upright, but different. The city will have taken on more importance and the village will thus have given way to a large commercial port… and even one of the largest ports in Europe. A port where hundreds of people come from all over the world every year.

The geopolitical context will also have changed a lot. The Vikings indeed established themselves durably in England and they also got hold of Normandy. They are therefore no longer considered as a band of barbarians, but as a people of conquerors.

100 years have passed, Kattegat has changed a lot

But be careful, because that doesn't mean that everything will necessarily be easy. The Vikings will also be plagued by internal tensions, some of them having converted to Christianity. We must therefore expect new conflicts. With historical figures such as Harald Hardrada or Eric Le Rouge.

For its part, Netflix has not yet announced any date. We will therefore have to wait a little longer before knowing when we can discover the first episodes of Valhalla.

Michael Hirst, meanwhile, recently announced that he is working on a new project that will take place during the London Plague episode. We talked about it here .

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