Wealthsimple Review in 2021

This is a Wealthsimple review, where we compare the features of the online broker service of Wealthsimple versus Questrade. The first thing that you need to know is, that both these brokerage firms offer the same types of services.

Wealthsimple Review – What I Know About This Bank Account and Automatic Deposits

They are both good at executing trades and providing advice about where to invest. The major difference between the two is in the investment aspect, where the wealthsimple has fewer investments than the rival brokerage. The black question, though, is whether they charge more or less than robo advisors?

Wealthsimple Review

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Let us first look at wealthsimple’s advantage over the competition. This is their advantage over other job advisors such as Motva, Better Business Bureau (BBB) and others. They offer a mobile app for most of their clients, which is capable of accessing the funds in their online brokerage account and buy etf. Also, most investors can access their wealthsimple trade fund from their mobile app. These investors can now conveniently transfer funds from anywhere they are – even while on the go.


It is easy for an investor to set up an account with wealthsimple online since it does not involve any complexity. Once an investor has chosen an investment strategy and app preferences, wealthsimple sends a customised investor dashboard to their email. This dashboard provides valuable information such as asset allocation options, portfolio options, current market trends, as well as tips and research details to help investors make informed investment decisions.

Wealthsimple Review Crypto

Wealthsimple  Fees

One of the main reasons why wealthsimple has been able to build a huge customer base is that they offer low-cost trades and don’t charge high commissions on them. Most robo-advisors have high trading commissions, and this has been one of the chief reasons why many investors have turned to alternatives like wealthsimple instead. Most robo-advisors in Canada are overseen by the CMHC, or Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation, so it is easy to see why they have a low cost structure.


Wealthsimple also offers a number of other types of robo advisors, including managed investment plans, wealth management plans, and various investment options including GIC’s, bonds, money market funds, and more. Most of these plans are available in Canada and can be customized to suit the needs of each individual investor. Wealthsimple also offers several types of short-term investment products including gilt, stocks, options, and more. These are great for individuals who need extra income, but don’t have the time to build a long-term portfolio.

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In addition to all these exciting new features, wealthsimple also has a wealth management plan feature that allows investors to easily manage their investments without having to deal with the paperwork required by other investment options. With wealthsimple you can invest without filling out any paper forms. Instead you will have to pay a simple one-time membership fee, and your account will be active immediately. With this wealth management plan, you get to control your investments so you can have extra cash on hand to grow your retirement fund, invest in the stock market, or do whatever it is you would like to do with the extra money you have.

Wealthsimple Review And Fees

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In this wealthsimple review I looked at the variety of investment accounts available to you, the fees associated with each account, and overall how useful wealthsimple can be as a financial planning tool. While not every advisor is right for every type of investor, wealthsimple definitely fits into the category of being one of the leading robo advisor, CD advisor, and mortgage advisor available in Canada. They offer flexible investment accounts with low fees, low commissions, and a wealth of tools to help you be successful. Wealthsimple really provides something for everyone.

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In my wealthsimple review I talked about how wealthsimple works as a bank account and how automatic deposits work with these accounts. I also looked at how wealthsimple works with automatic deposits through the internet, so you don’t even need a bank account to start investing.

And finally, in my wealthsimple review I talked about how you can easily manage your investments with wealthsimple without needing to talk to a broker. All of these great features of wealthsimple are outlined in the wealthsimple review I did which you can find below.

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