what applications for healthcare data management can be found

what applications for healthcare data management can be found

With the advent and popularization of smartphones in the market, the world has changed, technology evolving a lot, so much so that today it influences everything we touch, even the medical aspect of our lives .

As such, the medical system has also evolved, through the introduction of IT programs, telemedicine and imaging, which considerably accelerates the investigations carried out in order to discover the causes of the symptoms of some diseases. At the same time, we are already testing the way in which virtual reality can change the way in which operations and surgical investigations are performed, in the near future they can be carried out on a large scale.

Until then, however, there is a long way to go, and Romanians are just beginning to get used to using mobile applications and small lifestyle gadgets to help them fight weight and sedentary lifestyle, for example.

Do Romanians trust technology and use it to monitor health?

According to a study conducted by MedicOne, no less than 70% of Romanians use smart technology in terms of their own health, in one way or another. This means that they either get informed or seek advice from doctors, or monitor their physical condition or that of the people they care for.

In principle, smart technology with application in our country includes the best fitness bracelets, smartwatches, pedometers, blood pressure monitors, blood sugar or specific mobile applications (nutrition, appointments, recipes, information sources, forums). And those who already suffer from chronic diseases will be even more justified and eager to find out, to be aware of findings regarding the diseases they suffer from or to better control their condition.

Smart medical gadgets help you stay in control of your health

One of the most important benefits of introducing smart devices in everyday life, in the niche of health, is that it gives you more control over the problems you suffer from or alerts you to their existence.

For example, a fitness bracelet with a pulse sensor can notify you when your heart beats too fast, and so you can tell if your body's response at that time is normal or you should keep an eye on it, especially when you are suffering from a heart condition.

If you suffer from diabetes, a small glycemic index monitoring system saves you from daily stings, while giving you a simple and easy way to keep your disease under control. Moreover, you have quick access to all previous scans, and other useful information such as blood glucose data between scans.

what applications for healthcare data management can be found

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