What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet

The Internet has greatly facilitated people's work and lives in general, bringing most of the information they want to their fingertips. Access to information is no longer difficult, anyone with the necessary technology can learn and communicate very easily. What are the pros and cons or dangers or disadvantages of the internet, though? Let's find out.

People's lives have become easier and more comfortable since the Internet became accessible to anyone with at least one smartphone. Through it we can communicate more easily with people from anywhere, we have new horizons in terms of business, we can make friends or know things, the limitations being almost non-existent. We can shop or contact relatives from other parts of the world, take online courses, hold business meetings or look for the microwave oven user manual, for example. However, the internet also has less pleasant aspects. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet? Let's find out together.

The importance of the internet for people

The Internet offers various facilities to those who wish, considerably reducing the distances between people, facilitating the transmission of information. Nowadays you can find anything on the internet, there is the so-called Internet of Things , where any device in the house can be connected through a connection and used more easily to make life easier. But these developments and their rapid spread in the world have led to the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet, of which we mention the following.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet

The advantages of the internet

The global system of interconnected networks or the Internet facilitates people's access to information and communication, changing the way the world works today as it was a few decades ago.

  • You have easy access to new data and information

When looking for different things for a project, a work or for general culture, for example, the internet makes the activity much easier, because you no longer have to spend time in libraries looking for information, being much easier to discover what you are looking for by a simple search on Google.  

To access the desired information you will use a search engine such as Google, Bing or DuckDuckGo , because these platforms index searches and pages available online and allow access to them by entering keywords in the search box.

  • Educational content

On the Internet you have at your disposal a multitude of sources of educational content both in video and written format. There are conventional and academic sources for everyone. There are also free or paid courses, with information adapted to school, high school, faculty or amateur or professional adults, all by simple clicks.

  • E-commerce is developing very well

Currently, you can find both offline and online stores, on the online side, developing a lot of business, because it is easier for a busy user to order what he needs and to research everything online before placing an order. This way, you will not waste your precious time in stores. The sale and purchase process is much simplified, there are also price comparators where you can check which site is more profitable.

  • Social media platforms help share ideas

If in the past you had nowhere to go to express your opinion to the masses, now you can mobilize hundreds or thousands or hundreds of thousands of people on Facebook , Twitter or a personal blog or YouTube.

Many influential people in the online environment started their career in this way, posting and getting involved on platforms, in time getting followers, if their opinions resonated with them.

  • Communication

Perhaps one of the main advantages perceived by people is the fact that you can converse with anyone you want much easier, even with the camera, so that you can see and alleviate the longing to spend time apart. Keep in touch with family and friends when you are not close, make complaints or requests for documents or quickly find contact forms for institutions or businesses that interest you, among others.

Disadvantages of the Internet

The less pleasant part of communication

Regarding the advantages and disadvantages of the internet, an ambivalent point has communication, which has, in general, a positive role, but which can also present problems, in extreme cases of malicious or unhealthy individuals . Through various messaging platforms you can get in touch with all sorts of dubious people who may have malicious intentions.

At the same time, online communication can lead to physical isolation, when you may want to keep in touch with your loved ones only on the net.

  • False news and spam

Because anyone can make online posts or send emails, there are situations in which the news presented will not be real or with verified information, the internet (with advantages and disadvantages) becoming an element of propagation of false data and spam messages .

There is also the problem of deep fakes , where misinformation is taken even further by video manipulation of images to appear that a certain person does or says controversial things, which are not in his character.

  • Fraud and identity theft

There are many cases in which people, whether ordinary people or celebrities, have found accounts that impersonate them to obtain benefits, this being all the more serious as real personal data can be stolen, such as bank accounts.

  • Variations of the content available

Among the known dangers on the internet is the decrease or lack of quality of the content provided. When you have so many options, it is possible that some of the topics are treated fugitively, superficially or there is erroneous information, poor quality or false content spreading more easily. Fortunately, search engines struggle with this, bringing to the fore quality materials that match the user's searches.

  • Haul of internet browsing

It is well known that hours can pass much faster when you are caught by a topic or a social network or sit on a gaming laptop playing for hours. The wide variety of options can distract you from your professional or personal life.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet

The Internet – friend or foe

As already mentioned, the dangers of the Internet can affect children more, as they can be more easily exposed to identity theft or other dangers by adults who pretend to be children in order to converse with them.

For the little ones, the ideal is to navigate using filters installed by parents and antivirus that will eliminate various dangers and instances in which they may be exposed to extreme content. Hackers and viruses or malware can affect any individual and can lead to identity theft, money or harassment, among others.

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