what are the best landlines to call


what are the best landlines to call

Landlines – Product Review and comparison in 2021

If you are among those who always forget their mobile home or spend a lot of time indoors and opt for access to the fixed network and possibly a mobile card model, rather than a permanent subscription, it is good to know that in the case of landlines, things they have changed a little. Although they have kept much of the classic simplicity, they are available today in various versions, with different designs and function packages that allow easy adaptation to the profile of each family. For example, for those who want to install more phones on the same line, there are models such as theMaxcom KXT709 , which allows easy switching between devices, offering additional functions such as handsfree, call recognition and microphone lock. For people who prefer the classic variants, without memory, display and other additional functions, we recommend as an alternative Panasonic KX-TS500FXW .

Comparative table

The variant with modern design and pleasant colors, equipped with a large screen, which displays useful information and an easy-to-use keyboard. Includes caller ID option, automatic redial and speed dial function and enough memory to save up to 99 incoming and 18 outgoing numbers.

The design does not include a wall mounting system, so it is a model that is used only horizontally, placed on the table in the hall, office, etc.

Fixed telephony device, with the possibility of use in hands-free mode, calendar, clock and standby function with music in the background.

Compact model, with slim design, white exterior and round keys, suitable for spaces where a discreet presence is required. It can be placed both on a horizontal support and on the wall and includes a redial and call forwarding function, allowing the volume to be adjusted for ringing and calling.

It is not provided with a display, number recognition function or memory, being therefore a variant similar to the classic ones in terms of technical options.

Product suitable for people who want a simple landline phone, with classic functionality, easy to install and use even by those less familiar with the technology.

Cordless landline phone, available in a set with two handsets provided with charging and supporting base. The format is a modern one with illuminated keys, easy to read, and a display that displays the date, time, caller or number, while allowing easy management of the volume and additional functions included.

Unlike wired models, which permanently provide power, in this case you must be careful to charge the phones.

Model with a range of up to 30m inside, which efficiently combines the features of a landline phone with the necessary mobility in the home.

How to choose a good landline phone

Buyer’s guide

Even though smartphones are in high demand today, they cannot replace the usefulness of a classic model, especially when it comes to older users, who would not only be confused by the sophisticated menu of a smartphone, but also would not have you need to get on the Internet and launch applications – if you manage to convince your parents or grandparents to give this invention a try.

In addition to the intuitive interface, with large buttons and practical functions, the device can have other uses. For example, it can be used to connect to an Internet network, especially if you live in the country, or you can connect it to the intercom, answering easily when someone calls the entrance.

However, even if it is not complicated to find out where to find a landline phone, at good prices, other interested parties, you still have to do a minimum of documentation to know what to expect from the new versions on the market. What models there are, how many receivers they support and what other modern functions they have are just some of the information you will find out, reading the guide we have prepared for you.

what are the best landlines to call

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