what are the best sony speakers to buy in 2021


what are the best sony speakers to buy in 2021

Sony Speakers – Product Review and comparison in 2021

Do you need a Sony speaker with which to animate your life in your free time, whether it is at home, in nature or in other circumstances (for the club, maybe)? You will find important information in these lines, as well as some relevant examples, such asSony SRSXB12B , which is a small portable version, weighing 234 grams and has a range of up to 14 hours, with a maximum operating distance of 10 meters, being able to connect via wi-fi and Bluetooth to a device that will provide the necessary audio content, being resistant to water and dust. Another version loved by the public is Sony SRS-XB01W .

Comparative table

For fun in any situation, such a small, portable product will enrich the party arsenal of a group of friends, the model being water resistant, connecting via Bluetooth, NFC and wi-fi, having the function of intensifying the bass, weighing only 234 grams, to be taken even in your pocket.

The volume can be considered slightly reduced by some users, but, given the weight and size of the article, it is an aspect you can expect.

It combines a modern and pleasant look with the utility of a mobile speaker to which young people will go, and not only, who want to have a more vocal source for music at hand.

In order to obtain a clear and slightly louder sound than the one available on the phone, a model of this type will be useful in any circumstance, it can be connected through Bluetoooth, being resistant to dust and water, having a range of no more. less than six hours, not missing the brand’s proprietary function, Extra Bass.

Although it is able to reproduce sounds at frequencies perceptible to humans, the volume it is capable of will not turn its back on most users, which is understandable for a small article.

Considering the characteristics of the product, as well as its affordable price, it is understandable why it will often be found in the tops with the best sales.

This option, which is not affected by water, dust or rust, nor by prolonged exposure to liquid, has acceptable dimensions and a weight of 1.5 kg, featuring Extra Bass and Party Booster technology, so that the party is even more lively, with colored lights, connecting to audio sources via NFC, Bluetooth and wi-fi.

It has a purchase cost that can be considered high, given its characteristics and the volume it is capable of, according to some reviews.

It becomes the soul of the party through its bright appearance and the multitude of options to increase the sound and lights, and can be carried in a backpack or other shape, as needed.

In-depth reviews about the best Sony speakers

Before making a quick purchase, find out what other Romanians think about Sony’s most popular speaker models, including these examples.

Sony portable speaker


what are the best sony speakers to buy in 2021

With a Sony portable speaker you can enjoy music even when you are in the mountains or at sea, and in the park or at home, in an area where you have no place to put some large speakers or a system, such as in the bathroom or kitchen. This small model, which weighs only 234 grams, can be taken anywhere, being resistant to water and dust, given the black plastic and metal exterior, available in other beautiful colors.

It can be connected to the phone or computer, for example, because it is compatible with Bluetooth or wi-fi, and can become hands-free when needed, and there is no lack of the Extra Bass function. It emits in the frequency 20 – 20000 Hz, meaning that the sounds will be full and complex, perceptible to the human ear.

Because it is a portable model, we will also let you know that it can be at a maximum of 10 meters from the device that offers audio content. The Sony SRS XB12B speaker has a range of up to 16 hours, its interface including a USB port and an audio jack.




what are the best sony speakers to buy in 2021

With a Sony portable speaker with Extra Bass technology, like this one, you can enjoy electronic music and other genres that focus especially on the strength of the bass, emphasizing them even more. Sounds can be played through the NFC connection (approaching the phone with this technology) or Bluetooth, there is also the wi-fi option. Thus, you have multiple ways to “get” music.

The rechargeable battery has a range of up to 24 hours, so you won’t run out of favorite tones exactly when you need them most. The ad-hoc party does not have to stop after two or three hours. With a modern and minimalist design, the model available in several colors proves to be water resistant, so that if you get caught in the rain, you will not suffer.

It weighs 930 grams, being easy to carry in one hand, and also operates in handsfree mode. The frequency response is between 20 and 20,000 hertz, enough for the human ear to perceive full and clear sounds.



Sony SRS-XB32B

what are the best sony speakers to buy in 2021

With a portable Sony speaker, with Extra Bass, you always have a party ready to move from one place to another, this function being ideal for listening to music in which the bass has a central role, this being highlighted even more than normal. In addition, the Party Booster feature will let users touch the product to get additional instrument sounds or funny flickering of disco lights.

It resists splashes or dives and is available in multiple colors, including black, blue, white or red, to please you in terms of design. It falls within the parameters of the perceptible frequency of the human ear, and the Live Sound option gives the illusion of a three-dimensional acoustic experience with specific vibrations.

It connects via Bluetooth and NFC and lasts up to 24 hours until it needs a charge. It is charged via USB when needed and weighs only 900 grams, and can be inserted in your purse or backpack.



Sony Bluetooth box

Sony SRS-XB01W

what are the best sony speakers to buy in 2021

For fun with friends outdoors, on the grill, in the garden or at sea, for example, you can use a Sony speaker that also acts as a hands-free, the little gadget quickly connecting with a smartphone to have handy favorite notes. And if you are a fan of electronic music or that in which the bass has a central role, even better, because the small device has an Extra Bass function (which can be turned off, if desired).

Considering that it is a Sony product (small portable speaker for personal use) that can be taken in a purse or backpack, or even in a larger pocket, it will weigh only 160 grams and will have 6 hours of autonomy until it requires a new charge. It is water and dust resistant, connecting via Bluetooth or jack or microUSB, to get your favorite music anywhere.

The answer is in the perceptible frequency of the human ear (20 – 20000 Hz), having a very affordable price for the masses. Don’t expect Hi-Fi sound quality, though, given the size.



Sony Hi-Res SRS-X99

what are the best sony speakers to buy in 2021

Among the best Sony speakers that play sound wirelessly, NFC or Bluetooth is this model that has no less than seven speakers designed to reproduce sounds in Hi-Fi quality, with a power of 154 W, to fill the room with soothing or energetic notes, as you wish. Thus, the need for cables decreases considerably.

It uses Clear Audio + ™ technology that perfects the digital signal. Music can also be controlled through applications such as SongPal or even Google Cast. Additionally, an MP3 player or USB stick can be used for audio content. The sounds are clear and the connectivity is done quickly with any shape used.

The Sony wireless speaker weighs almost 5 kg, not being the lightest product, but not the most difficult to transport. However, to its detriment comes the minimalist shape, which lacks some holes or obvious fastening systems, and the relatively high price.




what are the best sony speakers to buy in 2021

Here is a Sony speaker, cheap and good, which can connect to devices via Bluetooth, NFC or Wi-Fi, playing connected audio content in real time. Thus, you will be able to watch movies on TV and you will hear fuller and more intense sound effects, for example, or you can relax in the company of your favorite musical tones.

By connecting the product to the wireless network, you can put music directly from the phone, from the desired application, at the push of a button, with dedicated software, such as SongPal. To connect to other favorite devices, you can use the HDMI port, USB or AUX port. It is elegant and portable, being able to be placed where the user wants, its weight not exceeding 2 kg.

The product has a power of 80 W, enough for the listener in a room, and can be mounted in a duet with an identical version. And the minimalist design, but also modern, catches the eye through the presence of that control system with touch interface, which lights up when it recognizes a hand nearby.



Sony MHCV11

what are the best sony speakers to buy in 2021

For karaoke or other parties you can choose a Sony speaker, at a good price, of high dimensions, which weighs no less than 10 kg, and which also has a remote control to control the volume and other parameters, not missing the SongPal application, which allows wireless control of functions and music.

The Mega Bass function allows the intensification of low frequencies, to give even more force to them, the power of which the product is capable being 470 W, being able to emit at a very high volume for a small apartment, the product being rather suitable for some rooms, but it’s a battery-powered option. To obtain stereo sound, it is necessary to purchase two pieces.

It connects to the device with audio content via Bluetooth, NFC or USB, with two connectors for microphone and analog in and out. It has a high frequency, between 87.5 and 108 MHz, showing once again that it will handle open spaces, to which it is addressed, it seems.



Sony Extra Bass speaker

Sony SRS-XB41B

what are the best sony speakers to buy in 2021

Here is a Sony Bluetooth speaker that has a rechargeable battery that withstands up to 24 hours of constant use, the exterior being resistant to water and dust and can be charged via USB at the outlet. The auditory response is in the perceptible frequency of the human ear, so the sounds will be clear and full, while the bass will be accentuated even more by the presence of the Extra Bass function, and by modifying it in Live Sound you get a three-dimensional effect.

It weighs 1.5 kg, and can be carried in a backpack or purse or net when you go out or go somewhere and want to amplify the sound your phone is capable of, for example. For variety, you can connect to the Sony SRS XB41B speaker via NFC, by switching to a compatible mobile phone or via the wi-fi network.

To liven up the party, the model also has colored lights that will light up and synchronize with the melodic rhythms, as well as line or strobe lights, not missing the Party Booster function, which adds scratches or beats by pressing. It resists falling from 1.2 meters and washing, being protected against rust.



Sony SRS-XB10R

what are the best sony speakers to buy in 2021

Do you want an affordable Bluetooth speaker from Sony, which you can take with you on vacation, fishing or in the kitchen? To get rid of wires, such a product can help you, given the small size and weight of only 260 grams. It is powered by using a battery that lasts up to 16 hours before requiring a charge, with a power of 5 W, enough for one person.

Music can be connected via Bluetooth, as already mentioned, or via NFC, by switching a mobile with the same technology and gluing it briefly to the speaker. If you want to get stereo sound, you can add another product like this to the wireless connection. To give clarity to the music used by the bass, the Extra Bass function is present, extending the low tones.

This compact but colorful design is waterproof and will charge using the existing and well-hidden USB port. The maximum distance from the phone is 10 m, after which the connection is lost, unfortunately, the value being, however, a standard one.




what are the best sony speakers to buy in 2021

With a powerful Sony Extra Bass speaker you can give a whole party at home or in the yard, being indicated to position it with your back to the wall so as not to lose the bass, considering that the air outlet is located in the back. It has a function for accentuating the bass that can be activated or turned off by the user, as desired, and Party Chain, which allows connecting several devices of the same kind to the same sound source, to obtain stereo sound.

Clear Audio + ™ technology is used for automatic adjustment of sound settings, thus enriching the sound experience felt, and the built-in battery ensures an autonomy of up to 14 hours. Connecting to a music source can be done via Bluetooth, NFC or wirelessly via Bluetooth for several pieces.

Unlike many other large models from Sony, this speaker has a handle to be transported more easily, considering that it weighs 8 kg. It is capable of a power of 150 W, enough for a small, or larger, mobile party or at home.



Buying guide

When you are looking for a new way to enjoy music, and you are also thinking of a famous brand, you can’t help but come across the best Sony speaker in the format necessary for your preferences. For a party with your best friends at home or outdoors, in the car or to ideally play the sound effects when watching a movie on your TV screen, such interesting models will be useful.

And, as there are multiple selection criteria when it comes to choosing the ideal speakers, whether they are mobile or whole systems, it will be useful for you to know which are some of them.

what are the best sony speakers to buy in 2021

Types: A first distinction is made between Sony speakers, at good prices, portable, those for home cinema systems and car ones.

The portable options , which are equipped with batteries or accumulators, are distinguished by the often compact dimensions (but can also be large models, with wheels, which are transported by pulling the handle) and mobile, and by the sound quality comparable to that of much more models. large and what plugs into the outlet, often. They can connect to phones or other compatible devices via Bluetooth, NFC or Wi-fi, from where they will be able to play audio content (average action distance being 10m). Their disadvantage is that they either require the replacement of batteries (the old ones, less common on the market) or require charging at the outlet.

The classic ones , which are used in the socket, will be more voluminous and capable of higher playback power, and can be used with a computer, a pickup or a TV, for example, as in the case of a home cinema system with Sony speaker. 1000 W. They are, however, much more robust and heavier, requiring a well-defined place in the room to ensure the ideal acoustics of the listener, also needing a nearby socket.

The car variants are worth mentioning, as they are composed of systems with woofer speaker and variable power (it can be an active Sony speaker, with amplification, or a passive one, which needs an amplifier), with a compact design, which will be installed in the trunk. and doors, for example.

Functions: Among the specific options of the Sony brand is the Extra Bass module, specific to mobile or stationary versions, which will accentuate the sounds from the bass register, being ideal for the parts used at parties, because it inspires users to have fun on the dance floor. outdoors or at home, why not?

Other options worth mentioning are the Party Booster function found on Sony speaker models, at a good price, from the SRS wireless range, which allow you to touch the item to add different instrument sounds.

The speakers can also fulfill the role of handsfree, with integrated microphone, being able to be resistant to water or dust, offering a stereo sound, most of the times, or changing the atmosphere by the presence of LED lights.

what are the best sony speakers to buy in 2021

Power supply: Can be made via the rechargeable battery or plugged in.

The battery options will be portable, which can be charged to the network for a few hours, after which they can be used wherever you want for a few more hours, thus allowing you to take music wherever you are. As many say about the best Sony speakers, the portable aspect is appreciated for listening to music, and for karaoke or even parties, existing in various forms.

The classic, wired versions can have a much higher power and raise the volume considerably, in some cases, their advantage being that they can be started at any time. On the other hand, they tend to be bigger and heavier, so it will be more difficult to move from one place to another, these Sony speakers, cheap and good, being, rather, intended for certain spaces, whether it is at home, in a public space, in the car or in the club.

Battery life: It is given by its capacity and the way the portable product works. In general, the minimum is six hours of autonomy, but this value can be up to 24 hours of music or continuous audio content. You will consider this aspect when choosing the Sony speaker you want.

Power: The number of watts a speaker has indicates the volume it is capable of. For example, a 500 W Sony speaker (such as the GTKX1BT minisystem) can be used for small parties with great success, while a version up to 20 W will output 80 decibels, a value enough to listen to music when you are outside and take a portable speaker with you. Be careful with the volume, because the music played too loud can affect your ears.

Frequency:Most Sony speaker models emit sounds in the 20 – 20,000 Hz segment, just as much as the human ear is able to perceive. If the range does not fall within these values, then most likely the product is defective or not worth buying.

what are the best sony speakers to buy in 2021

Weight: It will determine how mobile the product is, for example, a 1000 W Sony speaker system, such as the BDV E800, will be found in an apartment, because it is rather a heavy home cinema system, over 10 kg. Instead, the small size variants, for personal use or for small groups, are around 5 kg. Keep this value in mind when buying a product that you want to take with you often.

In conclusion, we wish you success in finding a 500 W Sony speaker, weaker or more powerful, that you like, going to those found in Internet stores, where you are provided with models for all tastes. and needs, at balanced prices.

Frequent questions

What is the Party Booster function on Sony speakers?

This feature found in Sony’s SRS Bluetooth speaker models refers to playing 15 sound effects when you tap your device with your finger. These include bells, scratches, drums or tambourines.

what are the best sony speakers to buy in 2021

How to charge Sony SRS speakers?

A Sony wireless speaker like the SRS will charge using a microUSB cable, which you can find in the box when you purchase it, and which you connect to a computer on or to a plug. The time required to fully charge depends on the output power capacity and the device used as the medium, usually ranging from 4 to 12 hours. While it is being powered, the speaker will have an indicator that lights up in orange, which goes out when it has reached its maximum.

How do I exit Extra Bass mode?

When you have a Sony Extra Bass speaker and you want to deactivate this module, it is necessary to press the volume down button (the one with -) and the Play / call button for three seconds, after which the color of the LED indicating Power ) should change from white to green, which symbolizes the standard playback mode, which is economical in terms of energy consumption.

what are the best sony speakers to buy in 2021

If you want to get a realistic sound, you will seek to activate the Live Sound version, which is obtained by installing an application on your mobile phone, where you can manipulate the speaker settings.

Sony speaker – pairing via Bluetooth

Many Sony speaker models are able to connect to other devices and devices via Bluetooth, so it will be useful for you to learn how to do this if you intend to purchase such a peripheral as a sound playback.

what are the best sony speakers to buy in 2021

The Sony Bluetooth speaker can be connected to other compatible devices, the process being essentially the same, regardless of the specific model. First, you will turn on the device, after which you will bring it close to the source you want to “connect” it to, the recommended distance being a maximum of one meter.

Make sure the speaker has enough battery power or attach it to a charging socket, then go to the device you want to connect it with and turn off the applications with sound running on it, so as not to be affected if the volume is too high. great when the speaker starts playing the content.

Press the power button and wait for the blue or Bluetooth indicator to flash, now in the pairing position.

what are the best sony speakers to buy in 2021

You will pay attention to the chosen Bluetooth device, entering the corresponding settings and reaching the list of devices detected in this way. From there, you will choose the name of the Sony speaker you own and establish the connection. If you are asked for a password or PIN code – in short, an authentication key – you will enter the numbers that appear in the speaker’s instruction manual.

After the two devices are connected, the Bluetooth LED will remain lit.

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