what brand is the best smart tv to buy 2021


what brand is the best smart tv to buy 2021

Smart TVs – Product Review and comparison in 2021

Romanians like to improve the appearance of their camera using a smart TV, so that they can always have access not only to television stations, but also to various entertainment applications. From this article you will find out something about this type of appliance and, if you don’t have time to read, we tell you from the start that Samsung 49RU7302 is in the current sales charts of Romanians because it has a large curved LED screen, 123 cm, with very good 4K Ultra HD image playback, which impresses with its visual quality, with HDR and UHD Dimming, with Smart Hub for quick control of applications on the remote control or phone, with a variety of ports and connection interfaces, as well as speakers. Another popular and popular option is Samsung 43TU8072 .

Comparative table

Fans of different technologies use special designs, such as curved screens, as in the case of this smart TV, the LED display with a generous size of 128 cm, using various imaging technologies designed to transpose UltraHD 4K quality to the most high visual level, at a good price for the buyer.

The accompanying remote control can be cumbersome and difficult to use, being able to skip channels, considering that it is not smart, requiring subsequent investments in a suitable control product.

It combines the qualities desired by most Romanians, having an affordable acquisition cost, considering the dimensions and the promoted resolution, as well as the existence of smart technology.

The images observed on the 108 cm screen are of a very good visual clarity, the colors being reproduced faithfully with reality, there is brightness and chromatic power, the sound being good, considering the built-in speakers, the electronic device having image and sound technologies meant to help audio-video playback to the viewer’s taste.

The Wi-Fi signal can be difficult to catch and weaker, involving the need to pull a physical cable to ensure that the Internet connection is maintained at all times, in good quality.

Although it is not the cheapest product, part of the price being a reflection of the brand, this model finds those who want it, combining the desired technologies of the moment with generous dimensions, but also accessible.

The OLED display included in this device is among the most advanced, generating deep shades of black and extremely strong colors. The Ultra Luminance Pro function is another feature that contributes to the excellent image, and the Bluetooth connection attracts many buyers.

Due to the advanced display technologies it includes, it is above the purchasing power of some buyers.

And this model is aimed at the pretentious, as a target audience. It meets the most demanding requirements both in terms of image and sound, and the number of connectors is very good. Together with the Magic Remote, we can say that it is an almost unparalleled device this year.

In-depth reviews about the best Smart TVs

We describe, in the following lines, a series of products, selected both on the basis of the unique specifications and functions they offer, and according to their popularity among the reviews and comments sections, to help you select the most attractive offers:

Samsung 49RU7302

what brand is the best smart tv to buy 2021

Samsung brand fans are always ready for a new discovery and innovation, in this court being a large LED screen, which faithfully reproduces the colors, measuring no less than 123 cm, so it will look great in the living room or bedroom . It is compatible with VESA 200 x 200, for positioning directly on the wall.

The resolution is ideal, 4K Ultra HD, so that the small pixels help to obtain very clear images, which do not bother the eye. Use a specific operating system, with immediate access to applications such as Netflix, HBOGo or YouTube (some will require a separately paid subscription), for navigation using the remote control or mobile phone (compatible with Android and iOS).

Among the image-specific technologies are HDR 10+, Contrast Enhancer, UHD Dimming and film and natural modules, there is an integrated digital tuner, with two speakers and Dolby Digital Plus. It connects via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, with a varied interface, with HDMI, USB, AV ports and CI + slot.



Philips 55PUS6503 / 12

what brand is the best smart tv to buy 2021

This Smart TV, at a good price, has a diagonal of 139 centimeters, being a great product, therefore especially suitable for generous living rooms and offices. The display resolution is 3840 x 2160 pixels, 4K Ultra HD standard.

It also offers support for HDR, Incredible Surround function and automatic volume balancing (which offers a better audio experience), and as power, it has two speakers that collect a total of 20 watts, including Dolby Digital Plus decoders. It can record content directly on memory sticks. It can connect to the Internet wired or wireless, and on the back, you can see 3 HDMI slots, a CI + connector, two USB inputs, along with composite video jacks and digital optical output.

It allows the self-detection of connected Philips devices (players, sound systems), and the VESA compatibility offered is 300 x 200. As disadvantages, we want to say that the absence of the Android operating system means that you will not be able to install applications on this TV.



Samsung Smart TV

Samsung 43TU8072

what brand is the best smart tv to buy 2021

Here is a TV that you can easily mount on the wall, in the living room or bedroom, or that you can use in a business (sports bar, reception, restaurant, etc.), being part of an affordable collection. smart TVs from Samsung. The model has a 108 cm LED screen, at 4 K UltraHD resolution, which has become the modern standard, presenting more and more affordable prices.

The navigation system is intuitive, easy to use and offers quick access to various applications, such as Netflix, FilmBox, HBOGo, Spotify or Pago, the display has a wide range of colors, optimizing them to see the details, being able to also use in Ambient mode, where you can put photos, HDR showing brightness. Screen optimization is also performed through the Game Enhancer module, for games.

You can access the different contents with the remote control or the phone, being able to use voice commands, having at your disposal Google Assistant. It has some variety when it comes to integrated ports, keeping the cables hidden behind the legs, to avoid clutter. The audio is handled by the two speakers integrated with Dolby Digital Plus and Adaptive Sound Control, functions that improve quality. It has standard VESA compatibility, 200 x 200, for wall mounting.



Samsung 32T5302

what brand is the best smart tv to buy 2021

For any home, a smart TV is useful, as this model is more accessible in size, which has an 80 cm screen, so that it can be mounted in a smaller living room, a bedroom or a children’s room or an office. , as well as in the kitchen. In terms of quality, it’s an LED in Full HD resolution, good enough to play standard video content.

The image is bright and detailed thanks to the HDR function, the PurColor and Ultra Clean View technologies being responsible for the intensification of the shades. It can connect with Alexa and Google Assistant, and can also connect to smartphones, where content can be shared directly on the screen.

It has two integrated speakers, with Dolby Digital Plus and Multiroom Link technology, for accurate playback of content, and can be connected via wi-fi. It has USB, HDMI interface, with ports for AV, Internet and CI + slot. It can be mounted on the wall, being compatible with VESA 100 x 100.



LG Smart TV


what brand is the best smart tv to buy 2021

The device we present here measures 139 centimeters diagonally, therefore it takes up a lot of space, and we recommend its location especially in large living rooms or generous bedrooms (over 20 square meters). The offered resolution is 3840 x 2160 pixels, the specific value of the 4K, Ultra HD standard.

However, its peculiarity is the OLED technology, which generates an extraordinary quality of black colors and shades. This type of display is, however, quite expensive, therefore here we have the main objection, or disadvantage, when it comes to recommending it. In terms of sound, it has Dolby Atmos and Surround decoder, and the quality of its audio output is superior to that of many other Smart TVs. In addition, its musical power is 40 watts, very high for this type of device.

On the back, there are four HDMI ports, a CI + slot, three USB jacks, audio jack and digital optical output. VESA compatibility with wall mounts for this LG Smart TV is 300 x 200. It also includes the Magic Remote remote control, equipped with voice control.



LG 32LK6200PLA

what brand is the best smart tv to buy 2021

LG brand enthusiasts have such a product at hand when they have a small space where they can put a TV or when the budget is limited. This economical version has an 80 cm LED screen, at full HD resolution, so that the content is clear enough and does not tire the eyes.

The design is simple, white on the frame, so it will match certain tastes, the frames around the screen being thicker, which means that it can take up more space than another model with a similar diagonal. Among the visual technologies found are Dynamic Color and HDR, which help improve quality and detail.

The sound is virtual surround, emulating the natural sounds and their direction as much as possible from the two small speakers. To control the applications and functions of the voice TV you will need a Magic Remote remote control that is not included in the box, unfortunately. It can be wall mounted and has USB and HDMI interfaces, among others, providing variety in terms of connection to other devices.



Horizon Smart TV

Horizon 43HL7330F

what brand is the best smart tv to buy 2021

At 109 inches and a Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels), some buyers may bypass this Horizon Smart TV, preferring 4K or Ultra HD products instead. But, on the other hand, the price at which you can find the TV compensates, being among the most attractive in the current offer.

It has 2 x 8 Watt speakers, with 5-band digital equalizer and Dolby Digital Plus and TruSurround decoders, as an image, has a dynamic refresh rate, at 100 Hertz, which leads to a more natural movement, and connects to the Internet via the integrated Wi-Fi interface. The connectors are: RF and AV (inputs), CI + slot, LAN jack, optical audio output, two HDMI ports, component input and a 15-pin D-sub PC input.

It has only one USB slot. It can be attached to VESA 200 x 200 wall mounts, and the Hotel TV mode allows the installation of personalized reception screens, if you have a boarding house or other tourism business.



Panasonic Smart TV

Panasonic TX-55FX700E

what brand is the best smart tv to buy 2021

This Panasonic Smart TV is located in the large category of diagonals, measuring 139 centimeters between corners, so it goes without saying that it fits in salons. As expected at its size, it offers a 4K resolution as well as active support for HDR.

Allows local adjustments (ie only on a portion of the screen) of contrast, HDR10 + settings, a built-in media player that plays almost any file, but also support for voice commands.

The Quad-Core processor allows extremely fast browsing on the Internet or in the applications you will install, and on the back panel, you will find three HDMI and USB slots, a CI + slot, headphone output, as well as optical digital audio output, slot LAN and Audio Return Channel (ARC), to simplify the connection to external sound systems, on two channels. As disadvantages, we can cite the price, which is not exaggerated, but above that of other similar products. It is VESA compatible at 300 x 300 millimeters.



Philips Smart TV

Philips 43PUS7303 / 12

what brand is the best smart tv to buy 2021

Equipped with Android operating system, a very good image, due to the active HDR and the 108 cm diagonal, on 4K Ultra HD resolution, this Philips Smart TV offers many reasons to buy it.

The price is not among the lowest, but it does not excel, especially if we take into account the P5 processor, which leads to a remarkable fluidity when watching content transmitted via live streaming. By accessing the Google Play store, you will be able to install numerous applications, just like on a phone, and for a very pleasant cinematic experience, you can also activate the ambient light on the back, in various colors.

It has DTS-HD sound, 20 Watt speakers, VESA 200 x 200 compatibility, four HDMI ports and two USB, and through the remote control, you can control it by voice commands. As disadvantages, it is difficult to find a notable one, we can only say that in the delivery package there is no HDMI cable, and one that supports 4K will be quite expensive, purchased separately.



Smart TV with a diagonal of 60 cm

LG 24MT496-PZ


what brand is the best smart tv to buy 2021

Given the rather small diagonal of this Smart TV, 60 centimeters, the designers were able to limit themselves to a standard HD resolution (1366 x 768 pixels), this being enough not to tire the user’s eyes. Being relatively small, it fits well in kitchens or small bedrooms.

It has 2 x 5 Watt speakers, with virtual surround and bass equalizer, medium and high, VESA compatibility is 75 x 75, and as special functions, allows Mirroring, Miracast, CI + slot and can connect to the Internet via wi-fi , as well as via LAN connection. It includes two HDMI slots and two USB, and its menus are very fast.

As a disadvantage, most opinions about the device quoted the price, surprisingly high for a Smart TV diagonal 60 cm, with HD Ready resolution. Overall, it is a very good option for kitchens, terraces or small offices, when the space is relatively small.




Smart TV keyboard


what brand is the best smart tv to buy 2021

To control certain functions and more easily search for different information you are looking for online, on the TV, a wireless keyboard can be helpful, as it will allow you to type faster than if you used a remote control and directional buttons, for example. . This model has an elegant, simplistic design, with thin frames, to occupy a small space.

Since the keys are chewy, that is, thin and low, they will be less noisy. And, for extra help, there’s a 3.8-inch touchpad on the right, so you don’t need a wireless mouse anymore. The device is equipped with batteries, so you do not have to worry about its continuous charging.

The maximum connection distance is 10 meters (without obstacles between gadget and TV), and can be connected with TV Boxes, phones and Android or Playstation 3 devices. It is installed without difficulty, wirelessly, but is not illuminated .




what brand is the best smart tv to buy 2021

The Smart TV keyboard here can be used with both TVs and game consoles or personal computers.

It includes a large 3.8-inch touchpad for precise cursor control, but its keys are not lit, so you may have difficulty finding them in the dark.

It measures 26 x 8 x 1.3 centimeters, being approximately the standard dimensions for the PC, and its maximum transmission radius is approximately ten meters. It does not require the installation of a driver, if you use it, for example, as a Smart TV keyboard for Samsung, but on Windows, you will have to install something like this (the software will be downloaded from the net).



Smart TV Box

Apple TV MP7P2MP / A

what brand is the best smart tv to buy 2021

The Apple TV installation will turn any conventional TV into a smart one, this gadget being among the most reliable on the market. It allows streaming in 4K, has its own memory of 64 Gigabits and works very well with the Apple TV application, which can be installed on iPhone and iPad.

Moreover, it includes a remote control through which you can control the device with voice, and the product is also compatible with gaming controllers .

It can upscaling over 1080p and measures 98 x 98 x 35 millimeters. As disadvantages, it is considerably more expensive than other Smart TV Box models.



X96Mini TV Box x96-02

what brand is the best smart tv to buy 2021

Don’t have a Smart TV, just a standard TV? By attaching this small device to it, you will benefit from the Internet functions that you lack.

It has 1 Gigabit of RAM and 8 Gigabits of memory, it can play almost any video, audio or photo file, it contains sound output, HDMI, two USB slots, but also a card slot, to increase its memory.

It can also play 4K content from the web, and the support for the Digi application makes it desirable, on the Romanian market. This Smart TV box also works with an external mouse, and the price at which it is sold is surprisingly low. Its operating system is Android 7.1.2.



Smart TV remote control

LG Magic Remote AN-MR650A

what brand is the best smart tv to buy 2021

The Magic Remote allows you to control a cursor by pointing it at the menu buttons you want to access – just like a magic wand! This gadget is compatible with LG TVs, and another advantage of it is the support for voice control.

It also includes a dedicated button for Netflix, but also one for Amazon, and with the local zoom function, you will be able to enlarge a piece of the screen, to see certain details.

In addition, you can rotate 360-degree photos if you view this type of content. Note: this remote control is compatible with the 2017 generation TVs, with 4K resolution.



Buying guide

Here we are with this guide, focused on Smart TVs, which promises to be the next step (if not already) in home entertainment. You will notice, of course, that the list of criteria that will follow in the paragraphs below is very similar to the lists on conventional televisions, which we have addressed in other articles.

This is because the common element of all Smart TV models, at good or expensive prices, is the possibility to surf the Internet and install applications, which will be included in the selection criteria, especially for a modern house .

As you are used to, the order of the differentiating factors is (somewhat) depending on the importance, but we must say that not all readers will be guided by this classification.

what brand is the best smart tv to buy 2021

Dimensions : size matters from two perspectives: what kind of viewing experience you want and how much space you have in the room where you plan to place the Smart TV.

In the first category, some buyers may think of watching movies, in an experience as close as possible to the cinema. Therefore, large screens, over 100 centimeters, will be desirable.

Problems can occur if a generous TV does not fit in the room, for example, if the wall is occupied by shelves. In these cases, the medium models (100 – 80 centimeters) and the small ones (you can even find the Samsung Smart TV 80 centimeters) might be preferable.

Resolution : as a rule, the higher the resolution, the higher the TV should be. Fortunately, almost all manufacturers of Smart TVs, cheap and good, or expensive, have begun to adopt en masse the 4K Ultra HD standard (3840 x 2160 pixels) for their products, ie the highest resolution available at this time.

You can also find Full HD models (1920 x 1080 pixels) or even HD Ready (1366 x 768 pixels, as with the LG 24MT496-PZ). We must also mention that a large TV, with a high resolution, also allows watching from short distances, while low-resolution models can tire the eyes, if the viewer is close.

Display type : most models (at reasonable prices) have standard LED displays, but more expensive Smart TVs will use state-of-the-art technologies, which can accentuate shades of black, brightness and colors, to offer the best images.

Among these advanced displays, we can list OLED and QLED, which can be found on many Samsung, LG, or Retina displays, on Apple monitors (this company does not yet have its own Smart TVs).

We must mention that, for the current year, the type of technology that the display includes is one of the factors that influences the price the most!

Special browsing functions : here we can mention the dedicated buttons for Youtube, Amazon, HBO or Netflix, which instantly launch these pages, even if the TV is turned off.

Among other features, we can mention the Samsung media HUB, present in many models of this name, from which you can pre-view content before entering sites, or applications such as SmartThings, also from Samsung, which can use smartphones as a remote control.

Other models allow Steam Link, for the game application , with the same name, or buttons that can be customized with shortcuts (ie desktop icons). what brand is the best smart tv to buy 2021

Sound : In this regard, we must mention that, despite all the efforts of TV designers, the absence of well-calculated acoustic enclosures is felt.

In other words, the speakers included in the case of the device will not be compared with a dedicated, external system, such as home cinema or stereo, with amplifier.

As audio power, you can find Smart TVs from 2 x 5 Watts, up to 2 x 20 Watts, but it matters a lot when Dolby decoders are present (DTS, TruSurround, and so on). With their help, you will feel the difference, especially when connecting external audio systems.

Audio Return connectors can simplify the number of cables, but only with soundbar and stereo systems, and for many people, a Bluetooth interface to which to connect wireless systems may be attractive.

Voice command : it is difficult to browse the Internet, and the best Smart TV to choose from should allow easy searches on Youtube or other sites.

You have several options for this aspect: on some TVs, you can use your phone to search through special applications.

A second option would be to attach wireless keyboards to search, many of which are also equipped with touchpads to control the cursor.

Another option is voice control, as with the LG Magic Remote and other models. Simply say the instruction into the microphone of the remote control (for example, “launch youtube”) and the TV will enter the desired site, or will search for what you want on Google.

Of course, not all Smart TVs include such a thing, and the presence of this element can influence the price, in some cases.

Connectors : in this selection criterion, more does not necessarily mean better. In other words, a Smart TV with four HDMI connectors and four USB connectors will not be better than one with two connectors of each type.

In fact, the number of plugs and their type varies depending on the tastes and desires of users. Some, for example, will want digital optical output for audio, others will be satisfied only with a 3.5 mm jack slot for headphones.

In other cases, the buyer may have many USB peripherals – external hard drives, keyboard or mouse slots, or memory sticks. So, depending on what you want to connect to your Smart TV, evaluate the range of connectors on the back panel.what brand is the best smart tv to buy 2021

VESA compatibility : we will include, in the product descriptions, the factor here – this refers to the distance between the screw holes, on the back of any device, whether we are talking about a Smart TV, at a good price, or about high-end models.

If, for example, VESA compatibility is 200 x 200, then the holes will be square (one on top of the other, two on top, two on the bottom), with a side of 200 millimeters, and the wall mount on which you will print the TV must provide this position. The same logic applies to other values: 75 x 75, 300 x 200 and so on.

Since only some potential buyers will want to mount their device on a wall mount, we thought that this element is not essential to choose the best Smart TV and we left it at the bottom of our top selection criteria. of products.

So, if you still have questions and concerns, we will address some of them in the following section, in which we address some common dilemmas regarding Smart TVs, how to choose and how to install them:

Frequent questions

What does Smart TV mean?

This term refers to the combination of IT technologies with conventional televisions. In other words, a Smart TV performs at least some of the tasks that a personal computer can perform, such as installing and running applications, browsing the Internet, or running simple games .

From the hardware point of view, most cheap Smart TVs, but also the most expensive ones, include a processor, as well as a type of virtual memory, similar to RAM. However, the high-performance graphics processors, homologous to the video cards on personal computers, are missing.

This means that three-dimensional image playback will not be very efficient, so it would be better to compare Smart TV with tablets and smartphones, than with PCs.

About how much would the cheapest Smart TV cost?

The price for a Smart TV, cheap and good, depends mainly on the technology used for the display (LED, OLED, QLED), diagonal, resolution and, last but not least, brand (many famous companies take advantage of their reputation to slightly increase prices – this practice is discussed, but the truth is that lesser-known brands usually have cheaper products).

So, if you want to find out what prices the cheapest smart TVs have, the models of about 60-80 centimeters would be among them. We can offer Smart Tech 3219NSA as an example of such a product, at the time of writing our buyer’s guide, its price being below 1000 RON.

what brand is the best smart tv to buy 2021

What is a Smart TV Box?

TV-Boxes are small computers that, connected to a conventional LED TV (usually via an HDMI cable) will turn it into a Smart one, ie they will deal with browsing, streaming in 4K, even running applications and games, depending on the model.

The cheapest such devices cost less than RON 500, and the most expensive ones exceed RON 1000. If you already have a Smart TV, you do not need a TV Box, and another alternative would be to connect a laptop to the TV, if you want online streaming or other types of web browsing.

How to update Samsung Smart TV software?

Using, of course, the Smart TV remote control for Samsung, you will have to enter the settings menu on the TV. It will be necessary, preferably, for the device to be connected to the Internet and, more importantly, for the connection to be stable, with a strong signal.

Thus, we recommend a wired LAN connection for the best results. From the settings menu, look for the “software update” option – under the “Support” menu – and click “update now” – a screen will appear looking for updates, and if there is one, a question will appear if you want to install it.

You can also check the “automatic update” option – it will update the software automatically, immediately after a new version is released.

Is it possible to watch 3D movies on Smart TV?

Yes, but you will need to have a model that supports 3D content. There are many such devices, especially from the top brands in the industry, that offer something like this.

You can find various LG Smart TV products, for example, compatible with such formats. You will also need 3D glasses, as well as a special file (for example, an original Blu-Ray with that movie).

what brand is the best smart tv to buy 2021

Can I watch movies online on Samsung Smart TV?

Of course he does. Whether you have a Samsung TV, or a Philips Smart TV, or any other device from other brands, as long as they include web access through browsing applications.

Laptop connection instructions for Smart TV

You have several options in this regard, they sum up both methods that use a cable between laptop and TV, and methods that do not need any wire between them. Let’s discuss, briefly, each one, in simple steps:

what brand is the best smart tv to buy 2021

Cable connection methods

You can connect both laptops and desktop systems to Smart or non-Smart TVs using an HDMI or VGA cable. The respective cables will be inserted with one end in the special socket on the back panel of the TV, while the other end will be inserted in the video interface of the laptop.

HDMI cables are preferable to VGA cables, as the latter do not transmit sound to the TV speakers. The disadvantage of the cable method is that you will need to stay relatively close to the Smart TV as far as the cable allows.

If, for example, you want to sit on the couch, watching TV, with your laptop next to you, then you will need to adopt a wireless connection method.

If we are to offer a more comprehensive guide to wired connection methods, then we must also say that you can connect the two devices from a USB to an HDMI, with special adapters that can connect the two.

The downside is that in order to use these adapters, you will need to install special software applications on your laptop.

what brand is the best smart tv to buy 2021

Wireless connection methods

Let’s say you have a high-performance TV, for example a Philips Smart TV, or one from another famous company, then it may be equipped with a Mirroring function.

If you enter the laptop (with Windows 10), you will be able to add the TV set to the list of peripherals, after which you will be able to transmit exactly the image from the computer screen to the TV, activating the mirroring function.

If you have an Apple computer, such as a Macbook, you will need to download an application to your laptop, and once it is installed, you will need to launch it and check the option to allow mirroring to the TV. .

Note: These steps are for Samsung TVs. We have already mentioned that not all brands and models allow wireless mirroring – you will have to be sure that the type of Smart TV you have, or want to buy, also offers this option in its software.

Another method to connect the two elements is with the help of the Google Chromecast, which is inserted in the HDMI slot of the TV and connects, in turn, to the wi-fi network.

This device has the ability to send a tab from the Google Chrome browser installed on your laptop, directly on the TV screen. Thus, you will be able to use two screens, on the laptop, ie your own monitor and the Smart TV in the room.

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Other recommended products currently unavailable:

Samsung 55NU7302

This TV has a diagonal of 138 centimeters, being quite large, therefore especially suitable for large living rooms or luxurious bedrooms. The display resolution is 3840 x 2160 pixels, 4K Ultra HD standard. It also offers support for HDR, depending on Mega Contrast and Depth Enhancer (which amplifies the illusion of depth in images).

In terms of sound, it has two speakers with a total power of 20 watts, also offering Dolby Digital Plus decoders. It can connect to the Internet via Wi-fi and LAN, and on the back, you will find three HDMI ports, a CI + slot, two USB jacks, composite video input and optical digital output. Allows Mirroring from phones or tablets, and VESA compatibility with wall mounts is 200 x 200.

Overall, it could be among the best Smart TVs this year. As disadvantages, we can mention that the element that highlights it – the curved screen – may not be liked by all buyers, models of this type representing a special niche, like 3D TVs.

Samsung 55Q7FN

Analyzing this Samsung Smart TV, presented here, we notice a diagonal of 138 centimeters – we usually mention the size in the first place, because this is what most buyers look at first. The screen resolution is 4K, ie 3840 x 2160 pixels, so it is very good in this regard, including HDR support.

Many opinions about the best Smart TVs say that QLED technology makes a difference when you want top products, and this model is based on such a display. It can connect to the Internet through the integrated Wi-fi interface, and the main connectors are four HDMI ports, the CI + slot, three USB connectors, along with the optical digital output. It also includes a Bluetooth transceiver, along with the Mirroring function on the phones, and the VESA compatibility with the wall mounts is 200 x 200.

To mention, of course, the disadvantages, we can say that the QLED display, so efficient, does not have its disadvantages, this TV being even peppered in price; however, it remains a successful model, given the high numbers of products sold.

Samsung UE32M5502AKXXH  

On this Samsung Smart TV, the screen is 80 centimeters diagonal, meaning it is a medium-sized model, compatible with almost all rooms or offices. As a resolution, it is of Full HD standard, ie 1920 x 1080 pixels, but it does not offer HDR support.

As a special feature, it comes with a universal remote control, with voice control, which allows the control of several gadgets at once, if they are connected to the TV. In terms of sound, it has two speakers of ten watts each, also offering support for Dolby Digital Plus. It can be connected to the Internet via the wireless interface, and on the back, you can see three HDMI connectors, a component input, two USB jacks, composite video input, along with the optical digital output.

It also offers access to its own Smart HUB, which allows pre-viewing of video content, and VESA compatibility is 100 x 100. As disadvantages, many buyers have complained about the need to create a Samsung account and log in to it. access the HUB that leads to online content, an element absent from other Smart TV models.

LG 43UK6200PLA

A device with a diagonal of 108 centimeters, this LG Smart TV is quite easy to accommodate in medium and large cameras, and viewers can watch even from short distances, given the display resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.

As special functions, the manufacturer has focused a lot of effort on the sound interface, the 20 watts of speakers taking out the best of the various surround and digital equalizer applications offered by the device. A short list of connectors is as follows: three HDMI ports, a digital audio output, Bluetooth interface, CI + slot and two USB slots. It is also equipped with an upscaling function, to improve resolutions below 4K, support for active HDR, mirroring on phones or tablets and can be mounted on VESA wall mounts of 200 x 200 millimeters.

Being an LG TV, it also includes the Magic Remote remote control, with voice control. As disadvantages, we can only say that a number of reviews cited the quality of the plastic from which the case is made, as being quite poor.

AlbacomBiz RTMWK01X1COPY

In many cases, a wireless Smart TV keyboard allows you to browse the Internet very efficiently, just like on a personal computer. The product we include here contains not only keys, but also a touchpad, to control the cursor on the screen.

It can be recharged with a USB cable, it is compatible with any operating system, and at 15 x 6 x 1 centimeters, it is very small, therefore it will not bother you.

It has a radius of about 7 meters and connects without the need for additional applications . It can also be used with computers or TV Box systems.

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