what camera bag it’s better: Shoulder or backpack bag

For a photography enthusiast, a camera does not seem to be a big burden, but for the professional photographer, it is a completely different story, all the equipment can reach up to a few kilograms. We offer you the characteristics of the two main types of transport accessories for the camera, in order to make an easier choice.

Beyond everyone's option and preferences, when buying a bag for your photo equipment, you must take into account other equally important elements. Depending on the type of photography you practice, your equipment differs, so by default it varies the way you hold your equipment, as well as the bag you will opt for.

Storage space

The photo backpack is the most roomy for carrying photography equipment. A backpack can hold almost anything you need. These accessories are especially preferred by photographers passionate about wildlife , sports events or landscapes, but not only. The reason for this is, in the case of nature photography, that you have to travel long distances, on difficult roads. The backpack, because it distributes all the weight evenly, is easier to carry and makes your travels more pleasant.

Also, for photos of sporting events, a spacious backpack is necessary, because everyone wants to capture as many moments of the event as possible, which is why they need a greater variation in the equipment they use.

A good backpack also holds storage outdoors, either for tripods, which can be quite bulky, or for water bottles, which are absolutely necessary for long photography sessions.

The photo bag is another alternative to carrying your photo equipment. It has a lower storage capacity than a backpack. Due to this, photo bags are preferred by those who are passionate about portraits, urban photography, or who do not go very long distances.

Comfort of travel and transport

Most photo backpacks have a foam lining on the back and straps, for a more pleasant transport. Also, those that have a middle strap are ideal, making it easier to carry the backpack by creating more support points. However, all these straps are adjustable, so that they are perfect for each client.

what camera bag it’s better: Shoulder or backpack bag

Large photo bags can become quite uncomfortable once you fill them with photo equipment, due to the fact that the heavy weight of the equipment is distributed on one shoulder, through a single strap.

A disadvantage of the photo bag is the only strap it is provided with. Although it makes it easier to carry, after longer periods of time it can become uncomfortable, creating pain in the shoulder and neck area, no matter how well the strap is lined.

If more weight is added to the bag, these problems can occur even faster, so this is not recommended. If you need more storage space than you can carry on one shoulder, maybe buying a backpack would be a better choice.

Although the photo bag is more easily accessible, carrying it over the shoulder, this makes it a little uncomfortable while taking pictures. If you are shooting from more unusual angles, or taking pictures from below, the photo bag has a chance to get in front of your lens or behind the camera, obstructing your vision.


Although the backpack has many positive aspects, it also has some disadvantages. One of these would be accessibility. If you have a lot of space in your backpack for a lot of equipment, they are difficult to access during the photo session. Many backpacks have to be taken down from behind, placed on a surface, and only after that you can access your equipment.

This can become annoying over a long period of time. It can also drag down your artistic process, because you can miss certain unique photo opportunities. Some newer backpacks offer a compartment on the side, which tries to reduce this negative aspect, giving you the opportunity to access the exchange lens faster.

The main advantage of a photo bag, on the other hand, is accessibility. This, due to the fact that it is placed on the shoulder, offers a very easy way to reach the camera, giving you the opportunity to capture any picture you want, when you want, without being careful that you will miss it.

Volume and portability

In exchange for a large space for storing and organizing the equipment, you have to deal with a suitable backpack. Which can be annoying when you go for pictures.

If you are passionate about urban photography, images with people's daily lives, crowded places, then the backpack can be a real burden. You have to be careful not to hit anyone, and this can also give you a hard time in the artistic process. It forces you to move from certain places that could be perfect for a picture, but they are too crowded, your backpack not being very helpful.

what camera bag it’s better: Shoulder or backpack bag

The bags, although they have a smaller storage space than the backpacks, do not disappoint in this regard. Some can hold multiple devices with their accessories, and even a laptop if needed, for editing and posting pictures on the spot. All these have their dedicated spaces, which can be changed at will by each user, thanks to the velvet separators.


If you are a person for whom matching outfits and accessorizing them is an important goal, then choosing between a solid bag and style can become very difficult. A backpack does not fit well with a very elegant costume, so maybe in this case it would be better to opt for a shoulder bag, looking for the most suitable color for your favorite outfit.


So, whether you should buy a photo bag or aphoto backpack depends entirely on the type of photography you practice. Do you spend hours capturing a landscape, or waiting for a wild animal and you need a wide range of objectives? Then maybe you should think about buying a backpack. But if you are passionate about urban photography, you like to take pictures in crowded areas or portraits, for which two lenses are enough, then a photo bag would be the right choice.

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