What do the lightsaber colors mean in Star Wars?

Star Wars is arguably one of the most iconic licenses in the history of cinema. No one would have actually thought in the late 1970s that the first films would bring such a rich, vast and complex universe to life.

Many ignore it, but the franchise is effectively not limited to feature films. At the same time, many novels have been published and they have contributed to enriching the universe of Star Wars.

What Do The Lightsaber Colors Mean In Star Wars

Luke Skywalker's first lightsaber

So there is a lot that laymen do not know about the license and this first report will aim to focus on the colors of lightsabers … and their meaning.

At the origin of lightsabers, crystals

A staple in the movies, the lightsaber is not quite a weapon like any other. It is indeed intended to symbolize the strength of the one who wears it.

Some of you may know this, but each saber relies on a set of crystals. These can come from different places, like Illum or even Dantooine, and they can produce different effects depending on their arrangement.

However, it is not enough to place a handful of crystals in the hilt of a saber to make it work. In reality, Jedi and Sith must begin by imbuing their Crystal with Force by meditating for several days or even weeks.

The two orders, however, have a different approach to the matter.

While the Jedi prefer to orient themselves towards natural crystals, the Sith more readily turn to artificial crystals made in factories, crystals often more powerful and resilient than those of the Knights fighting for the light side of the Force.

The number of crystals varies depending on the complexity of the weapon manufactured. To create his double-bladed saber, for example, Darth Maul was forced to call upon four different crystals, crystals that each had to be Force-infused.

Simple sabers, on the other hand, are most often based on a single crystal.

What Do The Lightsaber Colors Mean In Star Wars 1

Kylo Ren's lightsaber, a saber that looks quite unusual.

But where do the colors of lightsabers come from?

Fans who have carefully watched the films and the various cartoons made around the franchise know that all lightsabers are not necessarily the same color.

Some of them are indeed blue, others are green, still others are red.

This color mainly depends on the crystal used. In fact, there are crystals of different hues throughout the Star Wars universe.

More importantly, each shade can come in different colourways. The blue sabers are therefore not all of the same intensity. Anakin's first saber was indeed dark blue, but others are light blue or even tinged with black and cyan.

The same goes for the Sith's red sabers. Again, the hues differ and some of them are bright red while others are darker or even blackish.

These different shades are obtained by using several crystals of different shades … or by compressing them.

In all, there are therefore hundreds of different shades, shades which are however grouped into a limited number of colors.

What Do The Lightsaber Colors Mean In Star Wars 2

Blue for swashbucklers, green for diplomats.

The meaning of lightsaber colors

The Jedi and Sith don't choose these hues based on taste, however, but rather on their personality or fighting style.

Each shade has its own meaning.

The blue sabers

They are usually entrusted to the Guardians and therefore to the Jedi comfortable with physical combat. Among the best known are Obi-Wan Kenobi or Anakin Skywalker, the time when the latter had not yet given up on the light side of the Force.

Luke also recovered his father's sword in the first trilogy.

Turquoise sabers

Very widespread also among the Jedi, the turquoise sabers symbolize above all purity and they are therefore given to Knights adepts of meditation. As a general rule, Jedi who use sabers of this color are very sensitive to the light side of the Force.

Jedi like Ferus Olin for example.

The green sabers

Green sabers are also very common among the Jedi, but they are aimed more at diplomats or consulars, and therefore those who attempt to negotiate peace without resorting to violence.

Qui-Gon Jinn was thus equipped with a saber of this type and the same goes of course for Yoda or Ahsoka Tano. Luke also ends up inheriting a Green Saber, a self-constructed saber.

The light green sabers

These sabers are usually given to Jedi close to nature and able to enter into fellowship with it.

Rahm Kota, for example, owns such a saber. The same goes for Kao Cen Darach.

Purple sabers

Much rarer, these sabers are believed to be given to Jedi using techniques from both the light and dark sides of the Force. They therefore require a great deal of wisdom and self-control.

Some of you may know that Samuel L. Jackson specifically requested to have a lightsaber of this color in the second trilogy. It should nevertheless be noted that Mace Windu is not the only one to wield this type of saber.

Darth Traya handles one as well and she is a Sith Lord by the way. The same goes for Mara Jade, who began her life as the Hand of Emperor Palpatine before becoming an iconic figure in the New Jedi Order founded by Luke Skywalker… her husband with whom she had a son named Ben Skywalker.

Orange sabers

Very rare too, these swords symbolize above all cunning and negotiation. They are therefore generally entrusted to spies and all those working in the shadows, such as assassins.

Two well-known characters had such a saber: Yaddle, a Jedi of Yoda's race, and Tyvokka, a Wookie capable of fleetingly perceiving the future.

The yellow sabers

These sabers are entrusted to the Jedi Sentinels and therefore to the Jedi devoting their lives to studying combat techniques … on the dark side.

Created in the days of the Old Republic, Sentinels were generally tasked with pursuing and hunting down minions of the dark side or Jedi who had strayed too far from the light. They did offer increased resistance to the dark side of the Force.

Among the most famous Sentinels are Bastila Shan and Atton Rand.

Golden sabers

Jedi with such a sword rarely use physical force.

They are indeed more discreet and they usually do not like to come to blows … which does not make them any less dangerous. In reality, the latter usually exhibit a great connection to the Force and therefore should not be underestimated.

The silver sabers

Few Jedi have such a saber. This color symbolizes above all concentration and they are therefore given to the wisest warriors and presenting a great connection with the Force.

The white sabers

Another little-known color. And for good reason, since few Jedi handle such sabers.

In reality, this color is attributed to warriors capable of showing complete abnegation for the cause they defend, a cause for which they are of course ready to sacrifice everything.

As a rule, Jedi working for peace and justice wear a lightsaber in this color. Ahsoka Tano ends up having a saber of this type in Star Wars Rebels.

Brown sabers

They are also quite rare, and for good reason. These sabers are usually given to Jedi Knights with a strong focus on offense and physical attacks, Jedi capable of launching devastating attacks on their enemies.

Lowbacca, Chewbacca's nephew, is equipped with a sword of this type.

Red sabers

We change sides this time. Red sabers are in fact mostly used by the Sith. It should also be noted that the crystals used to design these weapons do not exist in nature. They are therefore built from scratch in the laboratory.

Darth Vader of course wears such a sword, and the same goes for his master or Darth Maul.

The black sabers

These sabers are extremely rare. In fact, only one such saber has been identified so far and it was created by Tarre Vizla, the first Mandalorian to join the Jedi Order.

Subsequently, the sword fell back into the hands of the other representatives of House Vizla and the latter used it to kill Jedi and regain control of Mandalore. Pre Vizla, the Governor of Concordia, ended up getting his hands on it before dying under the blows of Darth Maul.

What Do The Lightsaber Colors Mean In Star Wars 3

Mace Windu and his purple lightsaber.

What Do The Lightsaber Colors Mean In Star Wars 4

Rey's lightsaber.

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