what do you do when the phone power button doesn’t work

what do you do when the phone power button doesn’t work

The mobile phone is a device that you use daily, being part of the routine, very useful and practical, for these reasons certain defects may occur, and some you can fix them yourself, following a few steps that we present in the article above. down.

There are several reasons why the phone does not turn on and you do not have to panic. Many times, you can fix the problem yourself, without having problems later and, below, you have several options.

What do you do if an Android no longer charges?

One of the most common problems is that the phone no longer charges and there may be several causes.

Why doesn't the phone charge? There may be problems with the cable, connectors, charger, battery. So, when the phone is no longer charged, you have to remove it to see where the problem is.

First, you need to use the cable and charger that came with your cell phone. To make sure that they work at normal parameters, you can try them on another mobile phone that you have at hand.

Also, see if the wall outlet where you connect the charger to the mains works, you can try a lamp, possibly. If they work properly, but the phone does not charge, go to the next steps.

Check if the port is not dusty or greasy, at the same time that you have connected the cable correctly to both the phone and the charger. Make sure that the case or other accessories do not cover the sensors on the phone or press certain buttons. You can follow these steps even if the tablet no longer charges.

Why is the phone hard to charge? In this case, check what type of charger you have, because there are slower models, if until now it worked normally and now you find that the phone is hard to charge, it can also be a battery problem.

If you have a phone with a removable battery, then it is useful to take it out and clean it, as it is possible to accumulate dust, lint or grease on the connectors. Along with this operation, an Android phone reset takes place.

After placing the battery and connecting the phone to the charger socket, a battery icon should appear on the screen that is charging and you can restart the phone. If it is a red light bulb, then you have to wait a little longer, the phone is completely discharged.

If you don't have anything on the screen, there may be other problems such as the connectors failing or the display on the phone will not turn on. If the connector is defective, then you must contact a service center to replace it.

what do you do when the phone power button doesn’t work

What do you do if the screen no longer lights up?

If the phone is charged, but the screen is still black, press the power button for 30 seconds and wait 2 minutes. If nothing happens and the phone doesn't turn on, then try calling another device to see if it works.

In case the phone rings, then check that the condition of the screen is good, not chipped or broken, remove the cover, make sure you do not have dry hands or gloves, be clean, without other elements glued. I dropped the phone on the floor and it doesn't turn on anymore, this is a very common statement and there are usually problems on the screen. If it is chipped or broken on a larger surface, it is good to go to a service center to see what the condition is and where the operation of recovering contacts from a broken phone can be performed.

You can also return to the initial factory settings, but you may lose all your data on your phone. After you return, you can use a software installer on your phone.

If the screen stays black even after you have connected it to a PC, then there are some key combinations that will help you to reset the phone and search the internet for it, depending on the type of phone. This is how you enter Recovery Mode, a kind of computer BIOS. To reset Samsung Galaxy S5, for example, you need to press Volume Up, Home and Power simultaneously.

You can thus reset the phone from the buttons, go to the "wipe data / factory reset" option and get to the initial state of the phone.

What do you do if an Android restarts itself or crashes?

You may have other problems such as: my phone shuts down and opens on its own, it crashes and I have no control, I can't call, etc.

In such situations, it is advisable to look for updates to the phone software and to opt for a more advanced version, but which is suitable for your model. Also, check that you have enough storage and handling space. If not, then free up space, giving up a number of applications that you do not use often, download from photos and videos, etc. This is one reason why the phone shuts down suddenly, being very full.

You can also update the applications you have uploaded and clean them. Many can be installed at some point, but then they are no longer used and take up space. If the problem still doesn't fix itself and "my phone shuts down suddenly", then maybe it's good to go back to the factory settings, to do a battery reset on the phone.

In the online environment you can find videos to help you use the commands in accordance with the smart phone models you have. Thus, if: "My Allview phone no longer opens" you can do a search and mention exactly what type of phone you have. You will find the necessary information to help you do an Allview phone reset and get to the initial settings.

what do you do when the phone power button doesn’t work

What do you do if you drop a phone in the water?

Not infrequently the phone can be subjected to moisture, whether you walk in the rain and have the phone in your pocket, or you accidentally spill a liquid or even a phone dropped into the water.

It is very important not to restart it in case the phone does not turn on, but to wait for all the component parts to dry completely. If possible, remove the battery, card, card and leave them to dry, as well as the phone. In case it doesn't start later, it's good to go to a service.

In the case of an iPhone, things are not much different, only that you have other dedicated commands and applications that you must respect.

If we are talking about another type of smartphone, it is also possible, when it behaves strangely, to have a infected phone and then either divert it yourself or call a service.

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