What if the 2021 iPad Pro came with a new Magic Keyboard?

Apple could take advantage of the launch of the new iPad Pro to unveil a new version of the Magic Keyboard . At least that's what emerges from the survey conducted by Patently Apple.

Apple, as we saw earlier this week , is expected to launch a new generation iPad Pro in the coming weeks, an iPad Pro that could carry a Mini LED screen on board. Few details have leaked out yet, but rumors point to a possible launch for the first half of 2021.

What if the 2021 iPad Pro came with a new Magic Keyboard?

Patently Apple, for its part, undertook to rummage in the databases of organizations specializing in patent filing in an attempt to learn a little more about the brand's upcoming products.

A new Magic Keyboard in the works?

The efforts of our colleagues have visibly paid off since they have brought to light a series of patents granted by the Hong Kong Patent and Trademark Office. Patents for… a new Magic Keyboard.

Launched last year, the Magic Keyboard has caused a lot of talk. More imposing than the other “covers” marketed by Apple, it makes it possible to transform the iPad Pro into a laptop computer. Not content to take a full keyboard on board, it is indeed equipped with a touchpad and it is also able to raise the tablet to make its use more comfortable.

New patents have therefore been filed by Apple, but unfortunately they do not show any notable novelty. The Magic Keyboard shown in the images illustrating the document looks exactly like the accessory you know. We therefore find this famous hinge, but also this very practical tilting system. Even the USB Type-C port responds present.

Nothing revolutionary at first glance

However, Apple does not usually change its recipe with each generation and it is therefore possible that the novelties brought by this Magic Keyboard are more discreet. As far as we are concerned, if we had to change two or three small things, our efforts would undoubtedly be on the tilt allowed by the accessory.

It is indeed a little too limited on the current model. We also hope to see the arrival of new colors.

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No big changes in sight?
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