What if the Apple Watch became a weapon in the fight against Covid-19?

Since the start of the spread of the coronavirus, health workers have complained about the insufficient testing. So far, most of the carriers of the virus identified are people who have contacted their GP or health services to complain about breathing problems and other symptoms similar to Covid-19.

However, as phoneArena.com reported to us on Friday January 15, 2021, there might be a way to determine faster whether or not you have the coronavirus, namely by wearing smartwatches like the Apple Watch, or smartwatches. produced by Fitbit and Garmin.

What if the Apple Watch became a weapon in the fight against Covid-19?
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According to information from CBS News, these smartwatches can effectively tell if a person has the coronavirus even before symptoms appear and without waiting for test results to declare them positive.

How can smartwatches detect Covid-19?

The CDC recently found that more than half of coronavirus cases are spread by asymptomatic people. And because these people think they are in good health, they are unlikely to get tested.

This is where smartwatches come into play. According to the Mount Sinai Heath System, a legitimate medical institution based in New York, and Stanford University in California, smartwatches could play a big role in controlling the virus by detecting subtle changes in users' heartbeats.

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Apple Watch data is both reliable and instantly available

According to Rob Hirten, professor of medicine at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, " We already knew that markers of heart rate variability change as inflammation grows in the body and Covid is an incredibly inflammatory. This allows us to determine if people are infected before they know it ”.

In addition, another study conducted by Stanford University found that 81% of people who tested positive had changes in their resting heart rate up to 9 and a half days before the onset of symptoms. Michael Snyder, a professor at Stanford, says the problem is, you can't test people all the time while smartwatches are checking us 24/7.

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Thus, smartwatches can measure the heart rate of wearers and the Apple Watch Series 4 and newer models from Apple even allow an electrocardiogram (ECG) to be performed to better monitor the heart rate of the wearer and warn them in case anomaly.

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