what is the best 55, 65 or 75 inch oled tv to buy


what is the best 55, 65 or 75 inch oled tv to buy

OLED TVs – Product Review and comparison in 2021

OLED TVs are beginning to conquer certain market niches, reaching the classic home user, so some information on product features will be useful before purchasing a personal one. Among the top examples of the moment on the Romanian market isSony Bravia 55AG8 , a 138 cm diagonal version, at 4K UltraHD resolution, with an intense and authentic color range and a captivating sound, the model being smart, with Android TV, so so that the desired entertainment applications are at hand, it presents a diversity of connection points with other multimedia accessories, having access to the Google Voice smart voice assistant and sound speakers. Another option appreciated by the public is the LG OLED55B9SLA .

Comparative table

This variant has an average screen in size, of 138.8 cm, at a very good resolution, 4 K, so that it can reproduce with maximum fidelity the content currently on the market, including an intelligent operating system with support for downloading applications. favorites (Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.), with wireless and wired connection options.

The classic style remote control, only with buttons, may present a reason for inconvenience for buyers, being desired a more futuristic look, which should match the technology.

The quality of the product is helped by the brand name widely appreciated for the quality of its displays, so it will be among the best-selling items in the niche.

Among the budget options, so to speak, from this market niche, there will be this version of 139 cm diagonally, with 4K resolution and smart operating system, to have access to applications and regular channels , maintaining the chromatic intensity, the white being white and the black black.

Depending on the type of cable used to connect to your PC or console, there is a possibility that the image may jerk or lag behind as it should.

It is among the best-selling options in the trade, being helped by a good purchase cost compared to the quality and size of the display, Romanians being satisfied with it.

This appliance equipped with a medium-sized display, 139 cm, will have a resolution capable of supporting most of the content on the market today, being accompanied by a speaker system that produces a rich surround sound, including streaming opportunities and other applications, given the existence of the smart operating system.

Some users do not like the smart system interface, and the classic remote control will be more difficult to use when it comes to searching for manual content.

It combines video quality with a very good sound, functions that Romanians are looking for in an appliance that they want to use for long periods of time.

In-depth reviews about the best OLED TVs

A good OLED TV will serve you for years and will beautify your time with your loved ones, removing boredom. Here are the models that Romanians are currently gravitating towards, to give you an opinion on what you could buy.


Sony Bravia 55AG8  

what is the best 55, 65 or 75 inch oled tv to buy

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