What is the best air conditioner brand for home

How do you choose the best air conditioner? What functions and features should the ideal air conditioner have for you? Read our guide and choose informed.

To choose the best air conditioner we must consider several aspects. We present in this article what you need to keep in mind when choosing the right air conditioner for your home.

This summer is announced from the beginning to be one of the hottest summers so far. If your budget is small to non-existent, we can recommend a fan to cool you down, but it can't lower the hot temperatures.

An air conditioner will help you get through the fire months in a comfortable way. But before you decide what suits you, let's take a look at the criteria for choosing the best air conditioner.

Comparative analysis Air Conditioning 2020

Gree Bora GWH12AAB-K3DNA4A 12000 btu air conditioner, inverter, class A ++ Whirlpool SPIW 312L Inverter air conditioner, 12000 BTU Daikin Sensira Air Conditioner 12,000 BTU FTXC35B + RXC35B Bluevolution
The Best Air Conditioner
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The Best Air Conditioner 1
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The Best Air Conditioner 2
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Covered area 25 m² – 35 m² 25 m² – 35 m² 25 m²
Cooling capacity 12290 BTU 12000 BTU 11260 BTU
Heating capacity 12970 BTU 12454 BTU 11942 BTU
Energy efficiency cooling A ++ A + A ++
Heating energy efficiency A + A A +
Filter type Washable dust filter
Catechin filter
Activated carbon Anti-Allergens
Compressor type DC Rotary Rotary – Inverter Rotary DC Inveter
Air conditioning functions Cooling
Special functions Remote
Sleep / Night mode
Self cleaning
Auto Restart
Powerful function
Automatic defrosting
Super Silent
Power Save
WI-FI function
6th sense
6th Sense Auto Clean
Timer – Sleep
Around U
1W Stand-by
Power Save
Real time Clock
4 D Air Inlet
Refrigerant loss detection
Auto Restart
Sleep / Night mode
Follow me
WiFi connection
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Capacity and installation

The first thing you need to establish is the capacity needed to cool your home. Measure the room in which you want to install air conditioning. As a general rule, the capacity of the air conditioner must be at least 100-150 BTU per square meter to cope with the hot months.

The cooling capacity of an air conditioner is its ability to extract a certain amount of heat in an hour and is measured in BTU / hour. The higher the BTU value, the more powerful the device, which means it can cool a larger room. BTU values for air conditioners are generally between 5,000 and 24,000 BTUs.

The Best Air Conditioner 3

When choosing the power of the air conditioner, in addition to the surface to be cooled, we must also take into account the location of the room, other electrical appliances that can generate heat, the number of people using the space simultaneously and if the room is in a shaded area or is exposed directly to the sun all day.

Each of these factors can decrease the cooling capacity of the air conditioner, so they must be taken seriously.

It is very important to install a device with the correct capacity. An air conditioner with less capacity than necessary will not be able to cool the room, consuming energy in vain, and a device with too much capacity will stop and turn on too often. This will lead to premature wear, plus you will not be able to properly remove moisture from the air.

The most efficient and comfortable air conditioning models are the split type, with two units, one outdoor and one indoor. The outdoor unit contains the cooling compressor, and the indoor unit the fan and the control.

After installation, the air conditioner needs space to function properly. Make sure that the outdoor unit is not blocked and that it has enough space to absorb a constant flow of air. Moisture inside, collected as water by the unit, must drain properly. Make sure the outdoor unit is made of corrosion-resistant galvanized steel.


The most important component of air conditioning is the compressor. It can be of three types – piston, rotary and spiral.

Piston compressors are used in small and medium systems, such as those in cars, and are heavy and noisy. Rotary compressors are compact and much quieter, and spiral compressors are the quietest and most efficient.

The quality of the compressor determines the capacity and life of the air conditioner. Don't settle for very cheap models or products from obscure and unknown brands.

Other important criteria

The Best Air Conditioner 4 There are other important points to keep in mind when purchasing an air conditioner.

It must have an adjustable thermostat, at least 2 gears for cooling and a minimum of 2 speeds for the fan because you will want to adjust the intensity of operation depending on the time of day.

An energy saving setting is also beneficial because it will turn off the fan when the unit is not cooling. Filters must be easy to access and clean or replace.

Air conditioning filter

Nowadays, there are a multitude of filters available in air conditioners. Among these we mention the electrostatic filter, which is beneficial for people suffering from allergies. The ionization filter that retains dust and germs from the air, as well as the anti-fungus filter that neutralizes harmful bacteria that can form on the drain circuits of the device.


Most air conditioners also offer a dehumidification function, which reduces moisture in the air, thus creating increased comfort. Don't forget to check the noise level of the device, which usually varies between 30-60 decibels.

Energy class

Also, don't forget to check the energy rating of the air conditioner. The energy scale is from class A to class E, with those of class E being the least efficient. A unit classified with class A or A + energy consumption is more expensive than one with a lower classification, but the price difference is easily amortized over time by low power consumption.

Advanced functions

The "sleep" mode of an air conditioner can be very useful because it can adjust the temperature during the night. Also a function of automatic start of the unit following a power failure is very useful if you want it to retain the initial settings.

Some air conditioners may include other additional functions, which although not necessary for its operation, may add various control options for the most demanding customers.

For example, the device may have a programming function through which you can set it to turn on and off at certain time intervals, while other devices may allow remote control via SMS or WI-FI.

The best air conditioner

From the offer available on the market at the moment, we recommend some models that we consider to have a correct quality / price ratio, thus spending each leu as efficiently as possible. Because we consider that the 9,000 BTU units are intended for very small rooms up to 10-15 sqm, we will recommend units starting from 12,000 BTU, suitable for an average block of flats or house in Romania.

1. Daikin Sensira Bluevolution FTXF35A-RXF35A Inverter 12000 BTU air conditioner

The Best Air Conditioner

With the Sensira R-32 range you won't have to sacrifice comfort to take advantage of increased energy efficiency.
The flat, modern front panel integrates into any interior décor and is easy to clean.
Automatic vertical scanning moves the discharge slots up and down to achieve efficient air and room temperature distribution.
By activating turbo mode, your camera will heat up or cool down quickly, ensuring maximum comfort.
Seasonal efficiency values up to A ++ in cooling.

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2. LG Standard Plus 12.000btu Air Conditioner model PC12SQ Dual Inverter

The Best Air Conditioner 1

Inverter compressor guaranteed for 10 years – The revolutionary inverter technology is extremely efficient, has a high performance, but quiet, as well as a generous 10-year warranty.
The slim and modern design of the LG air conditioner facilitates installation and ensures comfortable cleaning with the EZ adjustable filter.
19 dB low noise – LG air conditioners operate at low noise levels, thanks to LG's unique tilt fan and BLDC motor technology, which eliminates unnecessary noise and allows for smooth operation.

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3. Air Conditioning Gree Bora Inverter (R32) 12.000btu model GRS-121EI / JBR1-N3

The Best Air Conditioner 2 The new R32 refrigerant depletes the ozone layer by about 70% less than the conventional R-410A refrigerant.
The Gree Bora R-32 is built with Gree's proprietary G10 Inverter technology, is WiFi ready and has a built-in Cold Plasma air purifier.
Thanks to Gree's proprietary G10 Inverter technology, the Bora model benefits from very low power consumption, being classified in the A ++ class of energy consumption.
The Gree Bora Air Conditioner has a built-in temperature sensor in the remote control.

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4. Air conditioning BEKO BRVPF120 / 121, A ++ / A +, 12.000BTU / h, installation kit included

The Best Air Conditioner 5 Here are the benefits you will bring to your home with the air conditioner:
– the ZoneFollow function will detect the temperature around you and will adjust it in real time for your comfort;
– the AutoChangeover function automatically adjusts the optimal mode of operation depending on the ambient temperature,
– The SleepMode function ensures economical operation by gradually cooling or heating the atmosphere.
SelfClean function that prevents the formation of bacteria and mold.
The air conditioner ensures you warmth in the house and optimal performance, even if the temperatures outside are down to -10C.

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5. Vortex VAI1220FWR air conditioner, Wi-Fi Ready, 12000 BTU

The Best Air Conditioner 6

Anti-Fungus Function – The air conditioner starts the Anti-Fungus process immediately after cooling and humidifying the air.
This way your family stays protected from bacteria and fungi with airborne transmission, so that you and your loved ones stay safe and can enjoy a friendly atmosphere.
Self-Diagnosis – Monitoring errors and malfunctions has never been easier, at the touch of a button, the unit begins evaluating functions and systems.
Other functions: Auto-Restart, Self-Diagnosis, Sleep Mode, Turbo Operation, Anti-Mold, Self-Cleaning, Feel

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