what is the best deep fat fryer for home use

How do you choose the best electric fryer? What functions and features should the electric fryer have to suit your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

The Best Fryer Frying food is an old-fashioned cooking method that many people prefer. Many foods are the best fried, among these we mention the popular french fries or crispy fried chicken . And what about meatballs or schnitzel without a little oil?

Although deep-frying in oil has a negative reputation due to fatty and high-calorie foods, there is a method by which we can fry food while minimizing fat absorption.

A quality fryer will minimize the amount of oil absorbed by fried foods, thus reducing the number of extra calories.

The reduction of oil absorption is achieved by uniform heating and at a constant temperature of cooked food, while maintaining the texture and taste well known and much loved.

The best electric fryer – what to look for

The frying process involves dipping food in hot oil, a type of liquid fat. Although the fat is in liquid form, it is also considered solid matter thus generating dry heat.

Proper cooking in oil will result in much less fat absorbed into food , which can only be achieved by using a quality fryer that maintains a constant frying temperature and humidity inside.

The Best Fryer 1 Heating element

The most important feature of an electric fryer is that it can maintain a constant cooking temperature . The oil retains heat and at temperatures above 190 degrees Celsius it begins to burn, transforming food undesirably.

On the other hand, cooking in oil at too low a temperature results in soaking fatty foods which leads to a drastic increase in the calories they contain.

Maintaining the cooking temperature at an ideal value between 160-190 degrees Celsius will result in uniform cooking of food and will minimize fat absorption.

As a healthy alternative to the classic fryers, hot air fryers have appeared, which no longer use the oil bath for frying food, but blow hot air over them, significantly reducing the amount of oil needed for frying.


The purpose of a fryer is to cook non-oily fried foods. The best fryer will help achieve this goal, providing the ideal cooking temperature to reduce fat and prevent food from drying out.

The design of a quality fryer will allow you to cook safely without being afraid that you will splash yourself with hot oil or that it will dirty the whole kitchen.

In addition to these facilities, the best fryer must have an easy system for draining or adding cooking oil.

The Best Fryer 2 Ease of use

Using a fryer should be simple: add oil, turn on the heat and then cook.

The main thing to pay attention to when using the best fryer is the cooking time for different foods.

It is very easy to cook food more than it should, as it becomes dry and tasteless.

The best fryer will have pre-set programs for frequently used foods and detailed instructions for the others.


As with any other appliance, the manufacturer's warranty ensures that you can use your fryer for many years from the time of purchase.

In addition to the standard warranty, it would be good for the warranty to include coverage for the heating element which, if damaged, can generate incorrect frying temperatures that will damage your food.

Buying a fryer will definitely diversify your daily menu. Even for those who prefer healthy food, a quality fryer can prepare foods with very little fat that will not harm your body. All you have to do is try different recipes and adjust them to your new fryer.

The best fryer: recommendations

Taking into account the above tips, analyzing the existing offer and the opinions of buyers, we have selected for you some models of electric fryers that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Tefal Actifry Express XL Snacking AH9518 fryer

The Best Fryer 3 Thanks to Actifry's patented technology , through which the heat is evenly pulsed and distributed inside the fryer, the food will be crispy and healthy at the same time.
Just 1 tablespoon of crispy and delicious french fries and many other dishes.
Capacity of 1.5 kg , suitable for 6 people.
Electronic temperature control to avoid heat loss in the cooking area.

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2. Philips Airfryer Viva Collection HD9220 / 50 fryer

The Best Fryer 4 Airfryer's patented Rapid Air technology allows you to fry the tastiest french fries that contain up to 80% less fat than a conventional fryer!

Adjustable temperature control – Stopwatch
cookbook – Accessory separation food
– Integrated air filterMachine washable components

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3. Fryer Tefal Uno M FF133D10

The Best Fryer Uno M is a traditional fryer with a large capacity , in which you can fry potatoes and many other foods.
Housing with wall cooling system , so that it is safe to the touch and during the cooking process
The basket has a foldable handle and, thanks to the large viewing window , you can easily follow the cooking process without opening the lid.
Uno M is compact and easy to store after use.

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4. Professional Taurus Fryer 1 Slim

The Best Fryer 5 Power: 1000 W
Maximum oil capacity: 1 l – Capacity: 0.5 kg

Adjustable thermostatLED operation
Detachable filter cover – Oil drainage system
Hidden stainless steel resistance – Stainless steel basket
Non- stick vessel

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5. Heinner Master Collection HDF-1850XMC fryer

The Best Fryer 6

Potato capacity 500 g – All at once, for the whole family.
LED display – You are informed at all times about the remaining frying time.
Oil capacity 2-3 l – For faster and more uniform frying, the oil tank capacity is high. A large volume of oil ensures a higher temperature and a faster and more uniform frying.
The enameled oil tank will ensure that the oil will last longer without getting an odor, and cleaning is much easier.

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