what is the best food dehydrator for home use you can buy

How do you choose the best fruit and vegetable dehydrator ? What functions and features should the best fruit and vegetable dryer have ? Read our guide and choose informed.

What is a food dehydrator?

The Best Food Dehydrator A food dehydrator is a device that has the role of removing water from food , without destroying their enzymes and vitamins. Most of the time these dehydrated foods are used in raw vegan diets because they are not heated to temperatures that will destroy their enzymes and vitamins, and in these conditions it cannot be considered that the food is cooked.

The best food dehydrator is generally used for drying fruits and vegetables, and the models of these dehydrators are multiple. We can mention the professional and semi-professional dehydrators, there are very easy to use models in any kitchen, with two, four or more trays.

Anyone will have the opportunity to purchase a food dehydrator depending on the requirements and depending on the budget available.

How a food dehydrator works

If we understand how a food dehydrator works then we will have the opportunity to understand the changes that take place in terms of nutritional content for food.

These dehydrators are equipped with certain trays to be placed inside on which will be placed the vegetables and fruits that will be dehydrated. When the appliance is put into operation, the hot air circulates to disperse the heat evenly.

A food dehydrator also contains a thermostat that will control the temperature according to the default settings. This is very important especially if we consider the fact that different types of food can dehydrate at certain temperatures. Before using a food dehydrator, it is advisable to find out about the indicated temperatures to obtain the desired result.

Most of the time, the temperatures required for dehydration are related to the water content in the dehydrated food. Thus, more water means a long time of dehydration. Certainly a food dehydrator can be much more efficient than an oven to prepare certain foods, whether we are talking about fruits or vegetables. The differences are immediately noticeable in terms of optimal dehydration and energy consumed.

The process of dehydrating food

The Best Food Dehydrator In this process of food dehydration we can take into account almost any type of product to be dehydrated. We can mention the vegetables, spices or even pastrami, which are to be placed separately on the trays of the dehydrator. A food dehydrator can be used for a wide range of foods including: fruits, vegetables, herbs and greens, teas, meat, yogurt or cheese.

The process of using a food dehydrator is as simple as possible. Thus, for the beginning we have to wash and clean the food, after which we cut it. Then season the food to taste if desired, to be placed on the tray and set the desired program according to the food to be dehydrated to fully preserve the important nutritional content.

About dehydration we can say that it is the ideal drying process for food, because it affects very little the taste and nutritional content of food. Under these conditions, dry food using this appliance can be stored for a longer period if it is stored properly. About dehydrated foods we can add that they are kept in airtight containers or paper bags. At the same time, you must consider the possibility of storing these foods in as cool and dry places as possible.

Why are dehydrated foods recommended?

You may be wondering why these dehydrated foods are recommended, and in these conditions, we can say that they are the ones that give us the opportunity to enjoy a healthier diet, because we will no longer have to buy canned foods with additives. or harmful sugars.

These equipments are most often used for dehydration of fruits or vegetables, and the quality of these foods will be preserved in terms of taste and nutritional values. Commercially dried fruits and vegetables may have a high sugar content, which means that it is advisable to opt for such equipment to dehydrate these foods. If you have a food dehydrator at home then you will have the certainty that you will always have as delicious and 100% natural snacks as possible.

In conclusion, we can add that it is advisable to buy a food dehydrator if you want to make sure that the food you eat gives you the opportunity to have a healthy diet. This is also the main reason why many people consider opting for such a home appliance. The purchase price is very advantageous in relation to the benefits offered by this device. Regarding its purchase, it is advisable to opt for the online environment, because here you will always find ideal offers depending on the requirements.

How to choose the best food dehydrator

The Best Food Dehydrator 1 We all want to make the right choices when we want to buy certain appliances and home appliances, and this also applies when choosing a food dehydrator.

Most people who opt for a device of this type are those who are passionate about raw vegan cuisine or those who will want to always keep food for a long time. When you opt for a food dehydrator, it is advisable to take into account the type of appliance you want. There are also 2 in 1 models which means that you will be able to use them to dehydrate food and to prepare different types of food.

Buying a food dehydrator is a very good investment, because you will always have the opportunity to eat healthy food, prepared by yourself. At the same time, there are devices of this type that only have the drying function, which means that you can consider purchasing a device of this type if you just want to dry the food. The most important features that you will need to consider to make the right choice are power, power levels, number of compartments and warranty.

Number of compartments

It is advisable to take into account the number of compartments when you want to buy a food dehydrator. Under these conditions, you need to think about the amount of food you want to dehydrate in order to then choose a device based on it. There are appliances with 4 – 9 drying trays, talking about household appliances.

It is also advisable to inform you so that the purchased device also has a height adjustment system. This system allows you to adjust the device according to needs taking into account the thickness of fruits and vegetables. At the same time, it is advisable to opt for a device that can have a maximum distance of 40 mm between drawers and a minimum of 27 mm.


Another important aspect regarding the purchase of a food dehydrator is related to the guarantee you will receive on the product. Under these conditions, a good manufacturer will have to offer you a guarantee of at least two years for the purchased product. There are also models that have up to 3 years warranty, depending on the supplier and you have the opportunity to benefit from an extension of the warranty, of course, for a fee.

Shape and dimensions

When you buy the best food dehydrator, the most important aspect that you will have to take into account is the needs you have. Under these conditions, you can consider purchasing a food or cylinder-shaped food dehydrator, each appliance having certain advantages and disadvantages.

Cylinder-shaped dehydrators are much more aesthetic and expandable, and if you want to dry more or less food, then you can add or remove certain trays. Regarding a canned food dehydrator, we can say that the size is a fixed one, which means that if it still has you will want to dehydrate less food then they are less efficient. The advantage of the box-shaped ones is the larger space for each tray and the location of the heating and ventilation devices. In their case, there is no large hole in the middle, which means that you will have more space to place the food.

In the case of a box-shaped food dehydrator , we can also add that the air flow comes from the back to the front, which means that it will pass horizontally through all the trays. On the other hand in the case of a circular dehydrator, the hot air comes from the top and passes through all the trays. Under these conditions, the smells of food can be mixed if you want to dehydrate a larger number of fruits or vegetables. The capacity of the dehydrators is different, and if you want to opt for a square dehydrator, then you will not have to worry about rotating the trays. Each tray will receive its portion of hot air evenly and synchronously.

Other criteria

The Best Food Dehydrator 2 When you want to make sure that you buy a better food dehydrator model, it is advisable to consider several features and not to look at this equipment as a simple heater or as a fan.

In the case of certain recipes, we can talk about a higher starting temperature and a lower one towards the end of dehydration. If we talk about more complicated recipes, then it is advisable to purchase a dehydrator with timer and thermostat.

Most of the time these dehydrators are made of plastic, but there are also situations in which they are made of steel. The latter are often found in the case of stores that deal with food sales or in restaurants, but by purchasing them you will have the opportunity to enjoy them in your own kitchen.

The most important aspect that you will have to take into account is related to the budget you have, but there are multiple possibilities from this point of view, ideal for all types of budgets.

Recommended food dehydrators

Based on the above recommendations and analyzing the offer available on the market, we recommend below some models of fruit and vegetable dryers that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Food dehydrator with 6 trays Biovita DEH450

The Best Food Dehydrator 3 Food dehydrator for dehydrating fruits, vegetables, greens and even medicinal plants .
With a unique design and a capacity of 6 trays , this dehydrator deserves an important place in the kitchen.
The dehydrator has 5 additional trays with small grids for smaller fruits (blueberries, blackberries or goji) and a tray for fruit rolls .

See details and price

2. Klarstein Bananarama food dehydrator, 550W, 6 floors

The Best Food Dehydrator 4 Food dryer with 550 watts of power for snacks and the production of fast and healthy natural ingredients.
Ideal for a variety of drying fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, herbs and meat.
Adjustable temperature and programmable timer for time-based drying.
6 variable shelves with 2 different stacking modes for food of different sizes.

See details and price

3. Heinner HFD-404TD food dehydrator

The Best Food Dehydrator 5 You can dehydrate a wide variety of fresh products such as vegetables and fruits, greens, fish meat or other types of meat.
It is equipped with four drying trays , enough to process a large amount of food, they have a height adjustment that allows drying thicker food.
The temperature is adjustable in four stages (38 ° C, 48 ° C, 58 ° C, 68 ° C), comes equipped with an LED display for a quick view and is provided with a button for programming the operating time (0-12 hours ).

See details and price

4. Klarstein YoFruit fruit dryer, 5 floors, yogurt machine

The Best Food Dehydrator 6 Combined device for drying fruits and vegetables and yogurt preparation.
Thermostat controlled thermal control with 250 watts power.
5 levels in which up to 0.8 kg dry weight can be stacked.
The device's sophisticated ventilation system ensures even heat distribution on all floors.
Food floor height: 3 cm.
Yogurt floor height: 10 cm.

See details and price

5. Food dehydrator ZILAN ZLN-9645

The Best Food Dehydrator 7 With the help of the adjustable thermostat it offers you the flexibility to dry different foods at temperatures between 35 and 70 degrees Celsius .
The 5 large trays are placed in a large space to accommodate a variety of fruits and vegetables .
The dehydrator helps you prepare delicious snacks in an instant, without a high energy consumption.
The housing and cover are transparent to allow you to monitor the process without opening the unit and without affecting the dehydration conditions.

See details and price

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