what is the best food scale for baking

How do you choose the best kitchen scale ? What functions and features should the ideal kitchen scale have? Read our guide and choose informed.

The Best Kitchen Scale In addition to helping dieters control portion sizes, kitchen scales are popular with cooking enthusiasts who want to cook recipes correctly.

Traditional methods of measuring ingredients such as "put as you ask" or "put by eye" add on average more than 10% more ingredients than necessary.

Using a graduated cup is no longer as appealing to the modern chef who wants to get the same taste every time he prepares a recipe.

The best kitchen scale helps you add exact amounts of ingredients every time.

The best kitchen scale: What to look for

Although they serve a simple purpose, kitchen scales are not all the same, having different shapes and sizes and mechanical or digital measuring tools.

Mechanical kitchen scales are based on a complex collection of springs and wheels that indicate weight with a needle on a scale.

Digital kitchen scales provide much more accurate information and are usually more durable over time than mechanical kitchen scales. The best kitchen scale must excel in the following:


The measurement function of a scale is the most important element, so it must be as versatile as possible to meet any need.

For example, some electronic kitchen scales offer automatic conversion from grams to ounces (or vice versa).

Another important feature of a kitchen scale is the dara (country) function that allows the ingredient to be weighed without the weight of the container in which it is located.


The Best Kitchen Scale 1 The design of the kitchen scale generally influences its longevity. Scales with applied buttons offer narrow spaces perfect for straining flour or other fine ingredients into the mechanisms of the device.

Kitchen scales with detachable platforms or bowls are easier to clean and maintain, making it easier to add ingredients.

Also, don't forget to consider the size of the scale , as well as the visual appearance .

Weighing capacity

The limit of the total weight that the best kitchen scale can measure will ultimately influence the range of recipes for which you can use it.

Most scales have a minimum capacity of 5 grams, and the maximum limit reaches up to 5 kilograms or more. In addition, the best kitchen scale should have an accuracy of 1 gram or even finer.

Although simple in design and purpose, the best kitchen scales play a key role in any kitchen.

They help you reduce the differences in taste and texture when you cook a recipe several times, keeping the family's delicious favorite dishes the same every time. If it's good at first, you don't want to change anything in the recipe to spoil a dish.

To find a cheap and good kitchen scale you have to pay attention to the desired features and choose accordingly. Do not be fooled by a low price, because it usually means a low quality of the product.

You will probably want to enjoy using the best kitchen scale for many years to come.

The best kitchen scales: recommendations

Taking into account the above tips, taking into account the existing offer and the opinions of buyers, we still recommend some good models of kitchen scales that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Kitchen scale with Beurer bowl, 5 kg

The Best Kitchen Scale 2 Stainless steel bowl, capacity 1.5 l, dishwasher safe.
Equipped with room thermometer and timer.
Equipped with COUNTRY function.
4.6 x 2.2 cm LCD screen with 10 mm digits.
Automatic shutdown function.
Indicates overload.

See details and price

2. Gorenje Karim Rashid KT05KARIMB kitchen scale

The Best Kitchen Scale 3

Electronic kitchen scale.
Glass surface – Ultra thin – Modern design
Units of measurement: gr, LB – Technology with sensors
Maximum weight: 5 kg – Gradation: 1 gr
Country function for easy addition of ingredients.
Durable safety glass – Easy to wash
Touch controlAutomatic shutoff for extra safety

See details and price

3. Tefal Optima BC5003 kitchen scale

The Best Kitchen Scale 4 You will be delighted by the bright and modern colors of Optiss kitchen scales !
Ultrathin glass design .
Integrated wall hook for easy storage.
Optional function for measuring liquids in cl / dl.
Exactly up to every gram , from 0 to 5 kg.
Manual and automatic start / stop .
100% electronic for total reliability.

See details and price

4. Lay Electronic Kitchen Scale BX9240

The Best Kitchen Scale 5 – The Laica BX9240 electronic kitchen scale can be used with or without a bowl.
– It is easy to store when not in use.
– Chromatic finish, Italian design.
– Capacity 5 kg – Division 1 g
– The scale can measure in kg or lbs.
– Country function – Easy to read, LCD screen.
– Automatic stop function – Excess weight indicator.

See details and price

5. Star-Light Professional KSW-Pro1000 kitchen scale

The Best Kitchen Scale 6 Star-Light brings you the easy-to-use KSW-Pro1000 kitchen scale .
Electronic control , automatic shutdown, overload indicator, temperature display and last but not least a precision of 1g so that your favorite recipes can reach the threshold of perfection to the satisfaction of all those who will enjoy them.
Battery indicator – Overload indicator
Automatic shutdown – AlarmTemperature display

See details and price

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