what is the best gps system for truck drivers

How do you choose the best GPS navigation for trucks? What functions and features should the truck GPS navigator have according to your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

The Best Gps Navigator For Trucks Increasingly popular in recent years, GPS devices are still appreciated by any driver. In particular, people who practice driving as a profession, can appreciate the usefulness of such a device in the car.

Especially long-distance drivers or those who drive heavy vehicles need a GPS navigator ready to meet all their needs imposed by the fact of spending many hours in a row in traffic , in various weather conditions, and often at night.

The manufacturers therefore took the initiative, creating a special offer for trucks and for the specific needs of truck drivers. Find out in this article how to choose the best GPS navigator for trucks .

Why choose the best GPS navigator for trucks?

A truck GPS navigator is a slightly more complex device than a conventional GPS device.

Designed specifically to help the truck driver cope with traffic challenges, a truck GPS device will be able to provide much more accurate data in a much shorter amount of time .

This type of navigator is also able to provide up-to-date data on road conditions, more specifically information on accidents, traffic jams or unforeseen changes in traffic .

Given these advantages, you are definitely thinking of buying a GPS navigator for trucks, or just changing the old one.

How to choose the best GPS navigation for trucks

However, the offer on the market is already quite diversified , which could make the choice process more difficult, and we know that being a busy person, you want to enjoy what is best in the shortest time .

The Best Gps Navigator For Trucks 1 However, we advise you not to make a hasty decision, as you risk making an unwise investment that could endanger your job or even your life. To identify the best value for money on the market, we recommend that you consult a shopping guide .

We have already prepared one for you, which sums up all the criteria you need to check for a product when looking for the best GPS navigator for trucks .

Therefore, carefully consult the following important information:

Processor frequency

No matter what type of GPS navigator we are talking about, the performance of the processor is always an issue that you should be particularly concerned about.

In fact, the processor together with the quality of the display are the two criteria that make the main difference between a truck navigator and a tourism type .

These two features can influence the formation of an even 4 times greater price difference between the two types of GPS devices.

The processor is the one that will directly influence the speed with which the updated traffic data will be displayed on the screen so that you can orient yourself in time.

A fast and error-free graphical display is essential when traveling long distances, and this is only possible if the GPS navigator is equipped with a good processor. The processor frequency must be at least 400 MHz to be worth buying, although it recommends that you invest in a slightly better model.

The best GPS navigator for trucks has a processor frequency of 800 MHz , managing to provide you with the best quality information, being also a more reliable device.


The display or screen is another very important aspect. The speed and accuracy with which you will understand the route data depends on the clarity with which the images are rendered.

The Best Gps Navigator For Trucks 2 A blurry image can cost you valuable time and even cause you damage, so you can't afford to treat this with superficiality.

You are particularly concerned about two features: the size of the screen and its resolution . These two values must always be directly proportional, otherwise you risk buying a GPS that gives you low-quality images.

In the category of GPS navigators for trucks you will find devices with different screen sizes, starting from 4 inches and even up to 8 inches . A bigger screen , however, always means a higher price, and does not guarantee you an excellent image quality.

The most popular option is the 5-inch display . It is loved by many drivers, being our minimum recommendation, and is also the most affordable .

A screen with a larger diagonal, 7 inches for example, can reach a price of 400 euros . So analyze very well what your real needs are, and whether it is worth making such a big investment.

The resolution must also be as high as possible. A popular value for 5-inch screens is the resolution of 480 × 272 pixels, quite good for any driver. Screens with larger diagonals, such as 7 inches for example, have a much higher resolution of 800 × 480 pixels .

The best GPS navigator for trucks, however, is the one with a 5-inch screen at a resolution of 800 × 480 pixels , and if you find it at a price below 250 euros , it means that you have discovered one of the best offers for such a device. .


A GPS truck system doesn't help much if it doesn't have up- to- date maps of the areas where you drive. It is recommended that you purchase a GPS navigation system with pre-installed maps .

The Best Gps Navigator For Trucks 3 However, you still have issues to check. If you are a driver traveling international routes, it is important to check that the device has detailed maps of Europe installed.

In general, you will not find navigation systems with pre-installed maps outside the EU . But you have the option to buy them for a fee .

Just make sure they're compatible with your navigation system , or if there isn't a newer version of the system that includes these maps.

Either way, we don't recommend improvising because you risk causing errors, or installing inaccurate maps. The situations in which you will need to download maps to install them yourself on a truck GPS navigator, is when you opt for one that does not have the maps preinstalled.

The reason why you might end up choosing such a device is that it is more affordable . But be interested, where you can download the Full Europe map and if it is compatible .

Whatever option you choose, always check the reviews section of online stores to see the experience of other users with the maps. D

if more opinions report errors , it is very likely that that browser model will always work with errors and the maps will always cause you problems.

Another thing to consider is how often you can update the maps , and in order to fully enjoy the performance of such a device, it is necessary that updates are as frequent as possible .

Data storage capacity

Like any mobile electronic device, the GPS is equipped with an internal memory, and the possibility of expansion by attaching an SD card. The most popular models are those with an internal memory of 8GB.

If you are purchasing a model with default maps, you should know that they will take up between 5 and 7 GB of the device's internal memory. That is why it is recommended to buy a GPS navigator for trucks with SD card slot, and it should support the attachment of an SD card up to 32 GB.

This will allow you to store additional maps as well as other data that you find useful. We also warn you that manufacturers do not usually include the SD card in the package they deliver, so you will need to purchase it separately.

What accessories should the best GPS navigator for trucks include?

In addition to the information on dimensions and weight, it is good to check some aspects related to the delivery package and what it must include:

  • Battery – Although most GPS navigation systems can be powered by a 24V voltage, it is important to consider the type of battery as well as the battery life. The most recommended are the Li-Ion ones, which can offer a battery life of up to 30 minutes.
  • Car charger – The delivery set must include a car charger with which you can keep your device powered.
  • Mounting bracket – An indispensable accessory that will allow you to fix the GPS device in a comfortable place, which will allow you to easily consult it. The fastening system must be secure, so that you do not have to refit the navigator often, or to avoid damaging it.
  • USB cable – Required to connect the device to the charger.
  • User manual – even if you can easily find it online, any compliant manufacturer will include in the package a user manual. This will allow you to solve any problems even if you do not have access to the internet to consult the manual.

The Best Gps Navigator For Trucks 4

What features should the best GPS navigator for trucks have?

Obviously, the best GPS navigator should be able to recommend you the shortest route in the shortest time, as well as data on speed limits, traffic alerts, traffic changes, etc. However, there are some additional features that are especially appreciated by truck drivers:

  • TMC – Or Traffic Message Channel is a function that uses an RDS 8A FM Radio frequency that activates an Alert C protocol, which provides the driver with information about the trip.
  • Truck & Camper – a special function that can give you information about all the places where you can park your truck.
  • Track & Camper Alert – will warn the driver about the approach of a parking point or other places depending on the needs at that time.
  • Track & Camper Route – an automatic computer for special traffic belts dedicated to trucks.
  • Lane Assist – support service for optimal framing.
  • Terrain View – Allows you to view the geomorphology of the terrain you are about to traverse.
  • Text to Speech – converts written information into audio information so that the driver is not distracted while driving.
  • Economic Route – a function that makes it easier to find the shortest route. However, users do not recommend using this feature as it shows routes that are rarely practiced, or that are not suitable for heavy vehicles such as trucks. Be careful that this function does not end up confusing you more. In fact, several manufacturers have chosen to remove this feature because of this.
  • Bluetooth
  • Internet connection

The best GPS navigator for trucks: recommendations

Taking into account the above tips, analyzing the opinions of buyers and the existing offer, we still recommend some models of GPS navigation for trucks that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Becker Transit 6S EU truck navigation system

The Best Gps Navigator For Trucks Truck & Camper Navigation Pro – the route is calculated depending on the vehicle: height, weight, transported goods.
Traffic restrictions calendar – weekend restrictions and public holidays in 40 European countries, drivers can find out about weekend restrictions or national holidays.
Track Recording – automatically records routes on the browser.
Map updates for life – 46 pre-installed European countries.

See details and price

2. Navigation system + GPS camera Mio MiVue Drive 65 LM Truck

The Best Gps Navigator For Trucks 5 With a very large 6.2-inch screen , this innovative combination is optimized for large vehicles, such as trucks or caravans .
It has a premium car video camera with integrated Extreme HD filming.
Lifetime update of maps.
Advanced Driver Assistance System ( ADAS ).
Security camera warning – SmartRoutes ™ and LearnMe ™ Pro

See details and price

3. Mio Spirit 7670 Truck Full Europe navigation system

The Best Gps Navigator For Trucks 6 The new Spirit 7670 LM Truck is the latest navigation device optimized for drivers of large vehicles , such as caravans or trucks.
Specific routes are calculated based on individual details , such as the size of your vehicle, weight, load and vehicle type.
The parking assist feature automatically displays a list of available parking lots when you are within a 1 km radius of your destination.
Preinstalled maps – Full Europe (44 maps).

See details and price

4. GPS Navigation Full Europe 7 ”car taxi truck

The Best Gps Navigator For Trucks 7 Generous 7-inch resistive touchscreen LCD screen.
The software allows the selection of the type of car used : car, truck (truck), bus, rescue, taxi, bicycle, pedestrian.
Full Europe + Australia Maps with free LIFE UPDATES.
8GB internal memory .
It offers alternative routes , if the route initially calculated is not the one you want.
FM transmitter – radio broadcast on frequencies between 76-108MHz.

See details and price

5. GPS navigation system 7 inch Full Europe TIR Trucks

The Best Gps Navigator For Trucks 8 The GPyeS Mediatek3 is the best and most complete 7-inch GPS on the market.
You can also set the profile of truck and truck, including ADR , in addition to the car and pedestrian.
It has an FM Modulator included so you can hear the sound in the car speakers.
Large 7-inch screen (800 × 480 resolution), bright, with touchscreen.
It can be used on TIR, TRUCK, COACH with setting specific parameters: weight, height, width, axle weight, speed, ADR.

See details and price

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