what is the best ironing board cover to buy

How do you choose the best ironing board? What functions and features should the ironing board have to suit your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

The Best Ironing Board Our time and comfort have become values that we value more and more today. And in the end, it is natural to want our homework to be taken away from us as little time as possible, and to be able to do it as comfortably as possible.

This principle also applies to a seemingly trivial activity with ironing clothes. Whether we are talking about clothes or large linens, in addition to an iron or a quality ironing station , you will also need the best ironing board , so that this activity is as pleasant and fast as possible.

You can choose from the wide offer on the market, the ideal ironing table for your family's needs. So find out you choose the best ironing board.

Why choose the best ironing board?

It may seem like a trivial choice so you don't have to worry so much. However, it is normal to be thoughtful even when it comes to expenses that will not seem to affect you too much.

You still need to differentiate the offers on the market to choose the best model of ironing board, in terms of material quality, ergonomic design and size.

How to choose the best ironing board

Finding the best value for money, however, can be quite difficult if you do not know well, firstly, the needs of your home and family, and secondly, the details that make the difference between a cheap ironing board and an expensive one. .

The Best Ironing Board 1 We therefore recommend that you consult this shopping guide carefully. You will find all the information you need, and at the end you will be able to choose the best ironing board for you faster and more advantageously. In your choice take into account the following important aspects.

Types of ironing board

  • Conventional ironing board

It is the most advantageous model at the price if the purpose for which you buy it is for the home. A normal, foldable and not very heavy table will be more than enough to iron the family's laundry.

If you do not have to iron a large amount of laundry, and you will not use it more than 2.3 times a week , you do not need more. But if you have to iron more clothes, or ironing them robs you of too much time, you could consider buying an electric ironing board.

  • Electric ironing board

It is a more expensive model , but more efficient , giving you increased comfort and considerable time savings .

The main feature that differentiates it from a conventional ironing board is the fact that the countertop heats up. Connected to a power source, this ironing board model will allow you to iron your clothes on both sides simultaneously .

You can appreciate this ironing board model if you want to use it in a business or for professional purposes. It is ideal for hotels or guesthouses, and the time savings it offers you are worth every extra penny.

Another special function that such an ironing board can offer you is the security of the material on the countertop . Through a suction system, the material is attracted and trapped on the countertop so that it does not slip during ironing. This way your work will become much more comfortable and enjoyable.

Folding the ironing board

The Best Ironing Board 2 The folding system is another differentiating criterion that you need to take into account. Depending on how much space you have in the house, there are two options to choose from.

  • Ironing board with short legs

If you have a house with little space , or you can't afford a high ironing board, the best ironing board for you is one with short legs. It has short legs attached to the back that will allow you to use it on the floor, on the living room table, or on other flat surfaces .

We only recommend it if you are very limited in space, or if you are not used to ironing many clothes at once. If you iron clothes occasionally, or quickly just in case, such an ironing board is ideal for you.

  • High ironing board

It is the most well-known ironing board, and probably the one that is most clearly found in your preferences. Folding in X is a conventional model, especially appreciated for the ease with which you can place the ironing board, after which you will be able to narrow it and store it easily .

The advantages can also consist in the stability of the table and in the fact that the height will be able to adapt to your liking. Although it takes up a little more space and you need a minimum of effort to mount it, it is the most convenient option.

Ironing board dimensions

You will choose them depending on the fabrics you intend to iron. When ironing a sheet, for example, you want to finish as soon as possible without the material touching the floor, risking getting dirty.

Therefore, if you are used to ironing very large fabrics such as bed linen, we recommend that you buy an ironing table as large as possible, with high steps, in order to allow you an optimal ironing. A good option would be an ironing board with dimensions of 130/40 cm.

If the linens you will have to iron are not very large, being suitable for a conventional bed, an ironing board with dimensions of 120/35 cm will be a very advantageous option from all points of view.

If you want something even smaller, you can consider ironing tables with short legs. But do not forget that they can not be used to iron bed linen, but only clothing, measuring 70/30 cm.

Don't neglect the weight of the ironing board either. Since you will not be ironing clothes every day, you will need to be able to lift it easily to store it in a space that does not bother you. Choose the easiest option so that you can handle storing or mounting it yourself.

Ironing board material

The Best Ironing Board 3 The material of the countertop is also a factor that will influence the quality of the ironing process.

The best ironing board will have a countertop made entirely of aluminum-treated cotton . This material will encourage acceleration of the ironing session.

Another recommended option is the cotton top with felt or foam . It will keep the heat better, and ironing will become a more convenient activity.

At the opposite end are the slightly cheaper ironing tables, which have a cotton fabric mixed with synthetic materials .

This variant is not the most recommended because the synthetic composition does not withstand high temperatures well. It can melt, damaging both the iron table and the soleplate.

What functions and accessories does the best ironing board have?

  • Height adjustment – because we do not all have a standard height, it is good that the ironing table you buy can be adjustable, so that you do not bend when using it or it is not too high. This function is also useful when several people in the home will use the ironing board.
  • Iron stand – This is a must-have feature for all ironing boards. It will allow you to place the iron while still hot, in a safe space, thus avoiding unpleasant accidents.
  • Hanger stand – Some models also include a hanger stand that allows you to place the clothes directly on the hangers and have them at hand, without risking creases immediately after ironing.
  • Builtin socket – The most expensive models with advanced technology have a built-in socket that connects to the mains, which allows you to connect the iron plug directly to the table.
  • Ironing areas for sleeves and shoulders – Modern models have attached foldable components that you will find very practical when you have to iron your shoulders and sleeves from a shirt or jacket.
  • Heating – A function that helps to simultaneously iron both sides, but also to dry the fabric when the steam is strong.
  • Blowing – Special function that blows cold air to lift the fine fabrics from the ironing board.
  • Suction – When you iron a slippery material, the suction function will keep the material attached to the ironing board.
  • Replacement cover – Any ironing board must come with a spare cover. The original cover may burn or get dirty, which will require its replacement. Later, if necessary, you will be able to purchase other spare covers from the store.

After analyzing all the above information, you are ready to buy the best ironing board. Don't forget to always consider the opinion of other buyers if you have this option.

Also, the highest quality products will often be manufactured by reputable companies, so focus on established brands.

The best ironing board: recommendations

Taking into account the above tips, analyzing the opinions of buyers and the existing offer, we still recommend some good models of ironing boards that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Professional ironing board Lelit PA71N

The Best Ironing Board 4 The heated top with a resistance of 600 W , dries steam and, practically, the material is ironed on both sides.
The suction function also has the role of fixing the fabrics on the ironing board, being easier to iron delicate and light materials.
The blowing function has the role of lifting delicate materials from the countertop by blowing .
The cover is made of 100% polyester and is lined with 5 mm felt for better results.
The table top is made of galvanized metal , with anti-rust treatment, specially perforated .

See details and price

2. Vileda Premium Plus ironing board

The Best Ironing Board 5

Thanks to the "Heat & Steam" system, the ironing becomes perfect, and the ironing time is significantly reduced .
The metallic perforation of the table allows the hot steam to ventilate your clothes, and the metallic layer of the cover reflects the heat.
The flat support legs offer stability and safety on any surface.
The "Click & stop" system allows you to adjust the ironing board at different heights (70-96cm).
Equipped with socket, iron support, cable support .

See details and price

3. Leifheit Fashion M Plus ironing board

The Best Ironing Board 6

Significantly lighter than conventional ironing boards with a unique cover that reflects the heat and steam generated by the ironing machine.
Height adjustable – It is provided with a height adjustment system up to 88 cm.
Extremely safe and stable frame that easily adapts to irregular surfaces.
It is also provided with socket, iron support and cable support .
Cover style: Print – Cover color: Multicolor

See details and price

4. Vileda Smart ironing board

The Best Ironing Board 7

Stability – It is very stable on any surface.
Water resistance – Useful surface permeable to steam.
Height adjustable – It is provided with a height adjustment system up to 95 cm.
It is also provided with an iron support .
Countertop dimensions: 114 cm × 34 cm.

See details and price

5. Heinner Klass ironing board

The Best Ironing Board 8

The table legs are made of round pipe and are painted in electrostatic field with anti-corrosion protection .
Diameter: 21 mm-38 mm – Thickness: 0.6 mm.
The table top is made of wire mesh which helps to properly ventilate the worktop .
The cotton cover is provided with felt protection .
The ironing board is provided with an iron support .

See details and price

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