what is the best remote control app for samsung smart tv


what is the best remote control app for samsung smart tv

Samsung Remotes – Product Review and comparison in 2021

We can’t really spend much time with elaborate introductions to this review article. It’s about remote controls for Samsung TVs, in case you lost the original one, or if it broke. In order to choose the recommendations for the current year, we focused on the best-selling models, which cover as many, if not all, orders from conventional Samsung and Smart TVs.Samsung -00638a not only offers all these controls, but also a special button that illuminates the keys for changing stations and volume control. It connects without entering a code, is compatible with all current TV models from the Korean company and has a simple, black appearance with colored buttons, easy to identify. As a second recommendation, we decided on the Samsung AA59-00581A model, which also includes Braille symbols for the main buttons, so that it can be used by the blind.

Comparative table

At the push of a button, the shift and volume control keys will light up so they can be seen in the dark. It is also compatible with Smart TVs from this company, and the match is made without a code.

Some buyers have expressed concern about the thin plastic, which reduces its resistance to shocks and could affect its durability.

It is a special model of remote control to replace the original one, whose design allows you to find all the keys very easily, either by illuminating them or guiding you by colors.

It also includes symbols in Braille next to the main keys, so that they can be found and used by the blind. It also fits with Smart TV models, connects without code and is thin (4 centimeters wide and 2 thick).

It has no illuminated keys, which would have been welcome for some users.

Overall, we can say that this remote control is advantageous in price, even if it is not the cheapest. Its design is simple and the use is easy and convenient. The colored keys are easy to find and ergonomically placed.

The main feature of this model is the low price, considerably lower than other remote controls. Braille symbols are also included, so that the main buttons (power on, volume, change channels) can be found by the blind.

It has no keys for Smart TV functions, so owners of such models should turn to other models on the market.

Some of our readers are looking to save money, first of all, and for this reason we decided to include the model here in the list. Overall, it is well sold, but it does not offer the quality of the original remote controls from this company.

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Samsung -00638a

what is the best remote control app for samsung smart tv

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