what is the best small office laser printer in 2021

Choosing a printer can be a really difficult task, because there is a huge variety of products and prices. To help you, we've gathered some information from expert reports and tests so we can pick the top 10 printers available on the market right now.




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The Best Printers 2021


The Best Printers 2021 1


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The printer has become an indispensable device for our professional life, because we all have children after documents or printing texts. Even in the comfort of your home, a good printer he can carry through and knocks out an unnecessary trip to any print shop. But how can we buy a cheap and good printer and which of its features best suits our needs? We aim to analyze the offers of existing printers on the commercial market and to present you the most important information to take into account when choosing the best printer.

The most important technical features of a quality printer

Print capacity and print speed

what is the best small office laser printer in 2021 The printing capacity is given by the number of copies that can be printed per month and can be under 1000, between 1001-5000 or over 10000 copies. Choose the printer model that suits you according to your individual needs. Print speed is defined by the number of pages a printer can output per minute, and is especially important if you are working on activities that require fast printing time.


There are two types of printers on the market: some with a cartridge and some with a toner. You can read compatible cartridges from the data sheet of any printer, price, and whether they can be refilled. We recommend that you choose refillable cartridge models because they do not cost much and considerably prolong their operation.

Print color

The vast majority of printers have both color printing and black and white or monochrome printing. The difference between the two is quite important. Color printing consumes a lot of cartridge, while monochrome printing is more economical. Choose the most suitable option and set the color printers to monochrome printing when the situation allows.

Printed paper size

The vast majority of printers are designed for A4 paper, but there are also printer models on the market that can print A3 or larger sheets or very small sizes, such as A6. Choose the model you need in your current activity.


For optimal operation, any printer must have a certain type of connection. Among the existing ones we mention:

    • Wireless connection – is made wirelessly, but the purchase price is higher;
    • USB connection – allows cable connection;
    • Wired connection – ideal for offices where computers are networked.

Quality for all functions held

what is the best small office laser printer in 2021 Existing printer models on the market excel in the quality of a certain function, while others are more modest in quality. Don't be drawn to just one of the features and try to look at the device as a whole. Look for a model that has superior quality for all its features.

Consumables at affordable prices

It often happens that a low cost of purchasing a printer hides a higher cost of consumables that need to be changed periodically. Therefore, we recommend that you also analyze the price of consumables and choose affordable printer models.

Additional functions and options

Choosing the right printer also depends on the additional features and options it has that can make your life easier. Of these additional functions, the most useful are:

  • double-sided crossing;
  • printing from the cloud or from a mobile device;
  • xerox copying of documents;
  • scanning documents and images in any format.

Choose the type of printer that includes as many of these additional features as possible to get rid of unnecessary later paths to copy centers.

Types of document printers. Advantages and disadvantages

There are many types of printers on the commercial market, the best known being inkjet, laser, dot matrix, laser multifunction, copiers and plotters. The most sought after and used by home users are inkjet and laser printers, due to their qualities and ease of handling. But what are the differences between the two printer models with the advantages and disadvantages of each, we present below to make it easier for you to choose the right one for your needs:

Inkjet printer

This printer model is based on refillable cartridges. The printing process uses small drops of ink and has the great advantage of a low price. In addition, printing pictures with an inkjet printer is great. Thanks to the ink, all the elements in the pictures are very well highlighted and detailed. This model also has some disadvantages, such as lower printing capacity, lower printing speed and reduced resistance over time due to the ink of the printed documents.

Laser printer

This printer model uses a laser beam in the printing process that it sends to the photoreceptor cells. This printer time works with a toner that can be fully refilled or changed. Its purchase price is higher compared to the first model, but its functionality is much superior. Prints clear, durable text and has high print speed and capacity. We do not recommend choosing this model if you want to print pictures or images, because the colors are not glossy and the details are not highlighted properly.

Relevant information can help you choose the best printer

It is obvious that any type of printer has both advantages and disadvantages. That is why the choice of the best printer must start from the analysis of your own needs related to its use. If you need to print a large number of pages per month, then a laser printer is the best choice. If you need a photo printer, inkjet ones are a better choice. If you also need a fax or scanner, a multifunctional is the perfect option in your life.

To shorten the time of analysis and comparison of printer models, we recommend that you do this online. Determine your needs, an amount of investment available and only then can you go to the store to test the chosen product. Increase and inspiration!

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