What the Internet is and how it works

What the Internet is and how it works

You use it every day both on your mobile phone and on your tablet or PC, you talk to your friends about it, but maybe you weren't interested in what the internet is and how it works and, if you want to know more details, you can read this article, where you can find information that everyone can understand.

The Internet is very often used nowadays and we can say that it influences us a lot, and its absence is considered, by many, as a great calamity. You are used to having it at hand, for various activities, you use it for school, for work, for entertainment, to communicate and maybe you want to know what the internet is.

In this article we will briefly present the history of the Internet, we will present and explain a series of terms, main elements, etc. But let's start with the internet definition, to introduce you easily, easily in this very vast field.

What is the internet?

A short answer to the question of what the internet is, could be: a global network that consists of several interconnected computers , which helps to exchange information. Another definition can be found in a wikipedia internet search, where you will find that the term comes from English, and is based on two words: interconnected – interconnected and network – network.

Although it is no longer such a new term, it has entered the current speech in Romania, and you can find on the internet a definition as an international computer network, which is based on the interconnection of local and global networks, with the aim facilitating the exchange of data.

In case you need it, you can find a report about the internet in the online environment and find out more about this vast field.

Now everything is happening worldwide and you can connect anywhere in the world, but how the internet appeared and how it evolved is a very interesting story and we still offer you some landmarks that will arouse your interest, and then you can find out more, possibly looking for the history of the internet referred.

What the Internet is and how it works

A short history of the internet

  • This interesting story has its roots in 1969 , starting with an agency, DARPA, which began collaborating with some top universities. The network was small, between several universities and was called ARPANET .
  • In 1971 the email appeared and it was decided to use the @ symbol to separate the domain username. At the same time, the Gutenberg project appeared, which aims to create an electronic library.
  • In 1973, the first transatlantic connection took place, attracting a university from London.
  • In 1977, with the advent of the first modern computer, there was a revolution in this regard, being the beginning of the development of Internet networks.
  • In 1982 also appears the first emoticon , very simple :-), which will then develop into the forms you know today.
  • Already from 1987 to 1988, the Internet is growing, from 1000 hosts at the beginning, to over 30,000, and ICR appears which will develop and allow the creation of real-time chat applications and messaging programs .
  • In 1989, the World Wide Web proposal appeared, for the first time , very well known today, with the abbreviation www.
  • In 1991, the first web page appeared. At the same time, the MP3 format is standardized and the first webcam appears.
  • Since 1995 we can talk about the internet at a macro level, being the beginning of its commercialization.
  • Google also appeared in 1998, changing the way it searched the Internet.

And from here things start to flow, reaching the shape you know today.

But certainly things will not stop here, but will continue to evolve and maybe I still do not dream of what can be achieved.

What types of computer networks are there?

We've been talking about what the Internet is about computer networks, and here are some terms you've probably heard of, but you may not know exactly what it means:

  • LAN – is a small internet network, for a company, a building or even an apartment and comes from Local Area Connection;
  • MAN – refers to a medium-sized network, which may include a city or only a part, the Metropolitan Area Network;
  • WAN – is a large Internet network, which can include a country or a portion, the term coming from Wide Area Connection.

If you are interested in more details in this regard you can search for computer networks of papers or other publications.

How does the internet work?

In order to provide more information about the internet, we need to go a little deeper into how it works.

All equipment connected to the Internet, whether it is mobile phones, computers, tablets, etc., communicates through protocols , which are sets of predefined rules that establish when, how and what is the order in which certain actions take place .

Each device is assigned an IP protocol , an address. There are several types of internet addresses, but we will not go into details. Host is a domain name given to each network , and can be expressed either in the form of a string of numbers (, or in letters to make it easier to remember ( www.institut-on.ro ).

There are a number of computers that connect networks and are called gateways . For each country there is an assigned domain (for Romania .ro) or there are also for: the commercial domain (.com), for education (.edu) etc.

Because data flows in packets, and must reach its destination as a whole, there are a number of devices that interconnect networks and redirect these packets, which are known as routers .

There are several types of routers, from those used at home (home router), to firewalls (used between LAN and WAN).

What the Internet is and how it works

The Internet in Romania

When did the internet appear in Romania? In 1993, the Internet also appeared in Romania , at first less used, but then it gained momentum and was widely used, being adopted almost all the news.

The Internet in Romania has very good connections, and subscription prices are among the lowest, which offers the possibility for many people to use it successfully, either in business, for education, or for personal pleasure. Thus, with a high-performance computer, with a state- of-the -art motherboard, the gates are open and you can practically achieve a lot, using what the internet offers you.

Knowing now what the internet is and how it works in general, you can find out more if you are interested in the online environment and you can enjoy access to an enormous amount of information that will help you.

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