What you need to know about Endless, operating system

What you need to know about Endless, operating system

Among the many operating systems that can be installed on PCs and laptops is Endless OS, which first appeared on some ASUS products and uses a Linux base. What would be the reasons to try it? Find out in our article.

New ASUS gadget owners may notice, in some cases, that an Endless operating system (endless OS or misspelled OS) is installed on them. It aims to provide the user with an intuitive interface with access to useful information and content from which you can learn, even when the internet connection is not excellent.

What is Endless OS

Endless is a Linux-based operating system that is available for free download, which can be installed on other configurations, not just ASUS. The private company Endless Computers came up with this system in 2014, which is designed to help PC users in areas where internet access is financially limited or restricted or even completely absent.

It pre-installs around 100 applications in areas such as education, health, business and economics, covering entertainment, using the LibreOffice suite (alternative to Microsoft Office).

What you need to know about Endless, operating system

Why try Linux Endless

Endless is one of those free Linux operating systems that you don't have to pay anything for, including updates that come along. Includes your own protection against viruses , so you don't have to worry about this. You can search for information on the internet and browse different media portals, being able to use it very well even when you do not have access to the net.

Because it is based on Linux, you have a certainty that the product will not let you down. What does Endless OS mean in terms of usage? It is easier to use than Linux and retains most of its positive features , including excellent security, performance, lack of that Windows-specific blue screen or the need for maintenance programs.

On an Endless operating system you have at your disposal an application store from which you can install the desired ones. Access is quick and easy, and you can easily uninstall applications you don't use. You can find an encyclopedia, a photo editor, a music or video player and small games to try when you get bored.

In order to have productivity, you can choose this Endless operating system, because you do not necessarily need internet access to use most applications. It can be installed with Windows, choosing at startup which PC or laptop operating systems you want to use. So, if you decide to try something else or give up Windows, it can become a solution worth trying.

Because it's an easy version , it won't consume too many resources when running, so opinions about Endless OS are generally positive in this regard. Navigation remains smooth and fast, without tripping or freezing the screen.

The interface is a plus, as evidenced by numerous articles with Endless OS review found online. The system is fully functional from installation , including the necessary codecs and drivers. The file system is root type, which runs directly from the stick or when installed on a PC.

The interface of this Endless operating system is intuitive, as I said above, very similar to the look of a phone or tablet UI. The settings are easy to track and find, with all the necessary files at hand.

To manage the settings you will have to enter the menu on the bottom left. And if you leave the computer and you want no one to use it or no one to access your user, you can lock the screen.

Install Endless OS

The first step is to make an Endless OS download from the official page of the product, then put it on a bootable stick and format the computer, installing the operating system, or install it directly on your PC with Windows immediately, without having to write on a stick or disc.

Every time you open your computer, if you have installed Endless OS on the same system that Windows is on, you will receive a notification asking you to choose a program or another on which to run your PC.

What you need to know about Endless, operating system

How to uninstall Endless OS

To uninstall Endless OS you can do some simple actions so that you stay with Windows installed or you can install one. When you uninstall the system, remove all the applications and files installed there, so it is advisable to back up the information you want to keep.

Also, we remind you not to delete the / endless file from disk C , because it will make it impossible to properly turn on your computer or laptop. You need to go through the uninstall process.

You will enter Windows and you will search in the start menu Add or Remove Programs, from where you will choose Endless OS, which means that you then press Uninstall . The process should be completed in a few minutes. The consequence is that your PC or laptop will reboot directly with Windows.

To replace the Endless OS on an i7 laptop or other processor from ASUS or that has this OS installed you will need to make a stick with Windows and follow the installation steps. Starting with the Endless OS 3 version, it is possible to open .exe files to install applications.

Possible discomfort with Endless OS

Perhaps the biggest problem with this operating system is that there are not many games you can try, being an OS based on education and productivity. So, your game galleries on Steam or Epic Store will be impassable on this system, at least for now. If you want to use your device for things other than learning, internet browsing or work, it may not be the interface you will fully enjoy.

There is also a support system for Endless OS Romania, more or less useful, which does not seem to have been updated too often, unfortunately. However, for users who are not on the first computer, most problems can be solved on official forums or on other pages dedicated to the OS.

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