What you need to know about OnePlus device

What you need to know about OnePlus device

You've probably heard of the OnePlus brand many times, thanks to smartphones that have made history through the performance it offers, at an affordable price. This company has encountered difficulties over time, but has also reached the pinnacle of success.

Next, we will present you some interesting information about it.

Company history

At the end of 2013, Pete Lau founded OnePlus in China. The first product of this brand (the OnePlus One smartphone) was made a few months later, in April 2014 and was available to a limited number of buyers. Also in 2014, OnePlus expanded incredibly much, being present in 35 countries and regions in Europe.

What is special about the phones made by this brand is the fact that they usually use Android-based operating systems, but which are made in such a way as to work faster and consume less energy and offer very good features at reasonable prices. more accessible.

OnePlus technology

Besides this brand, you've probably heard of a technology called that. Well, when it is present on various devices it means that they allow fast charging. For example, the OnePlus 6 can be fully powered in about 60 minutes.

This technology is known worldwide as Dash Charge, except in Europe, where this name is found in another company. Therefore, on our continent you will be able to find it as Warp Charge.

What you need to know about OnePlus device

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