What you need to know about the IMEI code

What you need to know about the IMEI code

The IMEI code is a phone identification code and it is good to know it, since when you buy a new model or along the way, because it can help you in different situations, most often in case you lose your phone or it is stolen. .

Of course, when you buy a new phone, you don't think that you can lose it or have it stolen, but it is an even better possibility to be prepared, in case of something. In these situations, the IMEI code is helpful and in this article we offer you more information related to this aspect.

What is the IMEI of the phone?

Technology is advancing very fast and, if you are not in the field, you may not know different details, just use your phone and enjoy the various applications that help you. But it is good to know what IMEI code you have on the phone.

The IMEI code is like a kind of CNP for the phone , it has a unique code internationally. It is an abbreviation for International Mobile Equipment Identity, meaning International Mobile Equipment Identity.

When you buy a new phone, the mobile operator urges you to know your phone IMEI, which can be helpful. With this code, you can make emergency calls even if you do not have a SIM card.

It should be noted that two such codes are assigned for dual SIM phones . You should not confuse the IMEI code with the IMSI code , which is a subscriber code and is stored on the SIM card.

Even if you still don't know this code, you don't have to worry, you can find out later, and below are some ways you can do an IMEI check.

What you need to know about the IMEI code

What does an IMEI code look like?

The IMEI code is a 15-digit string, with the help of which you can find out more information, namely:

  • The first three digits represent the phone model;
  • The next two are country codes, thus having information about where the phone was assembled;
  • Following are 6 digits which are the serial number of the device;
  • The last digit can be random.

Thus, this code also gives you details about the place where the phone was assembled , and the serial number gives you information that can identify the batch, date, etc., but also helps you find the phone in case of loss.

How can you find out the IMEI of your phone?

No matter what type of phone you buy, Huawei or Samsung, iPhone, etc., you can find out what IMEI code you have, right from the box or on the invoice . Most often it is inscribed on the back of the original box.

Some devices have this series written even on the phone, either on the back of the case, or immediately under the battery or on the SIM card holder. Once you have identified the code, you can send it to your mobile operator, for phone verification by IMEI, in case of need.

Another method to check the IMEI in case you can't find it on your phone, is a key combination * # 06 # . It is very simple and convenient to use, after typing this combination, the code will appear on the screen.

If you have a dual SIM phone, as I mentioned before, two codes will appear on the screen. Write down the codes because they can help you locate a lost phone or lock it in case it is stolen.

Although this key combination works in most cases, there may be situations when it does not have the desired result, so we present below how to find the iPhone IMEI (here being the most cases) and Android.

How to find IMEI on iPhone?

If you are a fan of Apple products, you should definitely take a series of extra measures, these being expensive, luxury products, very attractive for thieves.

You can find the iPhone IMEI on the original box, but if you no longer have it or have decided to buy a used phone, you can also find this code from the phone. Go to the phone settings section on General , then enter About and then IMEI.

Another option to check the iPhone IMEI is on appleid.apple.com where you log in with your ID and then go to the Devices section , where you can also find the phone's IMEI. You can also check if you have not written this series on the SIM card holder.

What you need to know about the IMEI code

How to find IMEI on Android?

If you have a phone with Android operating system, you can easily find out the IMEI code, also from the settings. Enter Settings, then go to About phone (either directly or from General, depending on your phone) or About device, Status and IMEI .

To find the Samsung IMEI, you can find several options on the company's official website:

  • By the key combination * # 06 #;
  • You can also make a Samsung IMEI check from the settings, by entering About phone or device;
  • Another option for finding Samsung codes is on the label on the back of the phone or on the purchase invoice.

How do you check a used phone?

Often the budget you allocate to buy a phone is not enough for a new model, so you also use second-hand products. In order not to be fooled and not to buy a phone that is stolen, it is good to check imei.info .

Here you will find a "blacklist" in which are listed the phones that are declared lost, stolen, but also those that come from fraud, ie the owner has not paid the installments or the subscription.

Thus, you can check the numbers and IMEI to be sure that you will not have problems with the new phone purchased on the second hand market. Besides IMEI info, there are other sites where you can do this check for free: imei24.com; www.imeipro.info ; www.iphoneox.com etc.

In conclusion, whether you have an iPhone or Samsung or any other brand, it is important to find out what IMEI it has and write it down in a safe place. You only share this information with the mobile operator, which has an important contribution for finding the phone by IMEI. After choosing a nice model, which has RAM as you want, with quality cameras, etc., it is good to make sure that you can detect it in case of theft or if you lose it.

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