what’s the best electric mountain bike to buy

How do you choose the best electric bike? What functions and features should the electric bike have to suit your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

The Best Electric Bicycle In the ideal scenario, any person should be able to use a normal bike where he wants and for how long he wants every day. Unfortunately, we do not live in an ideal scenario.

For those who still want to use a bicycle to get around, but do not meet the necessary physical conditions, have to travel a greater daily distance or a terrain that requires a lot of effort, the electric bike may be the best solution. The perfect compromise between the car and the classic bike, this vehicle allows you to travel cheap and healthy.

To find out where to find such a bike at good prices , as well as how to choose the best electric bike , we invite you to read this article further.

Top 3 recommended electric bikes

Why choose the best electric bike?

The electric bike retains the look and feel of a classic bike . The difference occurs when an engine and a battery are added. Basically, the bike can work like a normal bike, but it can be activated or helped by an electric motor when you want.

Being an increasingly popular variant of transport abroad, it was normal to gain a lot of ground on the Romanian market as well. If you are thinking of buying such a bike, you should know that it comes with advantages and disadvantages , which we will talk about below.

However, we want to congratulate you because, by choosing such a means of transport, you contribute to the fight against pollution. In addition, riding a bicycle, you should not bother too much with the crowds in the city.

How to choose the best electric bike

However, the electric bicycle is still a vehicle about which not much is known in Romania. That is why before choosing the right one for you, it is important to be very well informed .

The Best Electric Bicycle 1 The terrain you will normally cover, your weight, the weight and size of the bike, the capacity of the battery as well as the mode of operation and location of the engine, are factors that you must consider when choosing the best bike. electric.

To help you find out all the necessary information, we have prepared a shopping guide . This article written for everyone to understand will help you know much more clearly what aspects to check before buying an electric bike adapted to your needs.

You will also identify the best value for money on the market much faster .

Electric bicycle – advantages and disadvantages


  • Long distances with minimal effort – if you are a practical person, you will find such a bike very useful. When the distance you have to cover daily exceeds 20 km, it is clear that you will get tired of cycling. In this situation, an electric bike allows you to cover such a distance without having to pedal a lot.
  • Minimum costs – compared to the price of a transit or fuel pass, the cost of recharging the battery is much lower.
  • Regulations – electric bicycles can be driven in the same way as normal bicycles. You do not need a registration number, nor do you have to pay tax. It is enough to drive it in compliance with the rules of the Traffic Code.


  • Weight – an electric bicycle is not easy to transport by car, or to climb stairs. That's because at the normal weight of a bicycle. Another 10 kilograms are added, brought by the weight of the engine and the battery.
  • Price – the purchase price of a good bicycle is high, the higher the price of an electric bicycle. They start from 2000 lei and easily reach 5000.

Engine location

The location of the engine will dictate the extent to which you can take advantage of the speed of the bike, or if you can walk on it and on rough terrain or mountain trails. Thus, two major methods of locating the motor are distinguished: in the wheel hub or centrally located motor.

  • Engine located in the wheel hub

The Best Electric Bicycle 2 Most often mounted on the rear wheel, this being the most popular method of placing the engine, the engine located in the wheel hub provides a generally higher power compared to other types of engines. There are two engine variants.

The engine without sliding parts is very quiet and has the advantage of being able to be recharged while driving when it is deactivated. It offers fast propulsion , but its low torque and weight make it unable to operate at its maximum potential. .

Another variant is the engine located on the rear wheel hub, to which is added a pinion block . This increases the torque, which compensates for the reduced maximum speed . However, it is a noisier engine , and recharging on the go is no longer possible.

  • Centrally located engine

This type of motor is located in the pedal axis area . To make this location possible, the bikes are equipped with a special frame . However, these bikes are the ones that keep the look closest to a classic bike .

Also, such an engine does not affect the normal speed system of a bicycle. Thus, it works intuitively depending on the increase or decrease of bicycle speeds. This is why such an engine is recommended for those who will use the bike on more difficult terrain. The engine will always compensate when it detects that the speed of the bike has decreased.

It is also important to remember that a motor has the role of assisting the pedaling of an electric bicycle , it will not do all the work for you.

The more you pedal, the longer you will contribute to the longer engine life. Due to the central location of the engine, the bike retains the design of a normal bike, and all mechanical components can be accessed normally.

Moreover, if something goes wrong on the bike, such as a breakdown, damage to the wheels or pedals, any repair can be performed without confusing the engine in any way.

Engine operation mode

There are two modes of operation: with assisted pedaling or constant power.

  • Pedal-assisted motor

The engine will operate only when you start pedaling. The bikes have an engine that works in this way allow the activation of the ten steps to assist. The engine thus adjusts its power according to the level of pedaling.

The Best Electric Bicycle 3 The simplest assistance system is the one with cadence sensor . It allows you to set the assistance level, and it will be maintained regardless of the oscillations imposed by the route.

A more complex assistance system , however, will allow the engine to adapt intuitively, depending on the particularities of the terrain. This is the reason why this type of operation is more suitable for those who have to travel a route with many oscillations. The engine will be able to increase or decrease the power depending on the ascent or descent.

  • Engine with constant power

In this case, the activation of the engine is no longer conditioned by pedaling . It will start when the user accesses a power button-mounted start button, or a lever similar to an accelerator lever.

Because it does not depend on pedaling, it is a perfect bike when you have to cover difficult sections or you have to make difficult starts on the spot . However, the outstanding performance of the engine will cause faster battery consumption .

Engine power

Engines are classified on the market according to their power. When it comes to the power of a bicycle motor, choose one that is equipped with a motor with a power between 250W and 1200W .

It is good to remember that, in direct proportion to the power of the engine, it is energy consumption. In other words, for a large engine you need a large capacity battery. Otherwise the battery will drop you off pretty quickly.

Battery type

In the case of electric bicycles, three types of battery are used based on: lithium, nickel or lead.

  • Lead – The lead-acid battery is still the most common in the case of bicycle batteries. While such a battery can be found at a good price, it has a number of disadvantages. The life of such a battery is quite sensitive, in the sense that it is very affected by complete discharges. There are also batteries that weigh more, which makes the bike harder to carry.
  • Lithium – the best electric bike comes with a lithium battery. It is the easiest and most efficient option. The lithium battery is also present in Tesla cars, which shows that it is a verified and perfect variant for a vehicle like a bicycle.
  • Nickel – or Nickel-Cadmium, these batteries are similar in efficiency to lead, but are much lighter. However, their use is increasingly discouraged because they have a negative effect on the environment.

Battery life and voltage

The Best Electric Bicycle 4 The battery voltage will be able to greatly influence the maximum speed of the bike. The variants on the market are 24V, 36V and 48V . The higher the voltage, the higher the speed of the bicycle. In ideal conditions, these are the correspondences between the maximum speed and the battery voltage: 24V – 24-30km / h, 36V – 26-32Km / h, 48V – 39-45Km / h.

Some conversion kits come with a 72V battery . Be very careful, however, such batteries can generate a maximum speed of over 50km / h . Legally, a bicycle that goes over 50km / h is not considered a bicycle and its driving is illegal .

Battery life or capacity is another aspect to consider when choosing an electric bike. It is influenced by several factors such as the pedaling frequency, the mode of operation of the engine, the weight of the cyclist, the area covered, etc. Follows the value expressed in amperes per hour, A / h.

A 10A / h battery can allow you to cover a distance of 16 km if you do not pedal much . In the case of a constant power engine, the same battery will support a distance of 32 km if you want the pedal .

In the case of bicycles equipped with a pedal-assisted motor, the battery will be able to support a larger portion of the road.


You have two options. Either you buy an electric bike, or you buy a conversion kit to turn the bike you already have into an electric bike. The process is a complex one, but the expenses you save in this way are consumed with the help of a specialist. In the case of an electric bicycle, the prices start from 2000 lei .

The best electric bike, however, has a price between 3000 and 5000 lei , although the best performing models reach over 10,000 lei. The factor that most influences the price of an electric bike is the quality of the battery.

Please note that the initial price of an electric bicycle also includes additional costs for various accessories. Due to the large investment, it will be necessary to invest in a high-performance anti-theft system , so even more expensive.

For optimal transportation it is necessary to purchase luggage racks . Also, if you are going to pedal the bike at night, you will need to invest in stronger lights .

That being said, we recommend that you order online . Even if it may seem risky, most online stores allow you to use the bike for a while and if you are not satisfied you can return it. This gives you a much longer test period than if you bought the bike from a traditional store.

Beware of no-name models and focus on well-known brands. Among the most recommended are Bizobike and MTB Devron. All parts must have at least 1 year warranty .

Also, do not buy a bicycle until you have previously consulted the opinion of other buyers. Such reviews will help you get a complete picture of the quality of a bike and you will decide more easily if the investment is worth it.

We are sure that with all this information, you will be able to easily choose the best electric bike.

The best electric bike: recommendations

Taking into account the above tips, analyzing the opinions of buyers and the existing offer, we further recommend some models of electric bicycles that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Pegas Partizan electric bicycle

The Best Electric Bicycle 5 Partizan, the bicycle with electronic pedaling assistance, is the current solution that Pegas proposes for moving on two wheels in an original and captivating way.
Lightweight 6061 aluminum frame, integrated cuvettes, parallelogram suspension with double springs and disc brake, 250W 36v Bafang motor with Samsung 10AH / 36V Li-Ion battery, and the transmission is from Shimano.
Retro details, such as the headlight or the 12V electric horn, reinforce the first sentence above.

See details and price

2. Airwheel R5 foldable electric bike

The Best Electric Bicycle 6 Airwheel R5 is one of the most modern and high-performance electric bicycles.
Made of aluminum alloy, it is light and portable.
It is a foldable bike that can be easily stored almost anywhere.
Maximum range: 20-25 km, assisted 30-50 km, varies depending on the driver's weight, road conditions and ambient temperature.
The transmission device and the electric braking system provide a stronger and more stable force.
Charging time: approx. 180 min.

See details and price

3. X-Bike City electric bike

The Best Electric Bicycle 7

X-Bike City can be used both as a classic bike and as a 100% electric vehicle and the 250W motor and the Samsung Li-Ion battery of 10 Ah allow you to travel at a speed of up to 25 Km / h in electric mode.
The bike is equipped with a bicycle computer that indicates the battery level, a steel frame and the engine's braking system is also aided by the existing V-Brake type brake on the front.
Autonomy of up to 40 km in full-electric mode and up to 70 km in assisted mode, and the maximum load supported is 120 kg.

See details and price

4. Inmotion P2 folding electric bicycle

The Best Electric Bicycle 8 Foldable, electric and light, the P2 is exactly the city bike you need to travel a few tens of kilometers, without worrying about traffic jams or to take it with you, under your arm, in any means of transport.
Weight: only 17 Kg – Supported weight: up to 120 kg.
Autonomy: up to 30 km – Maximum speed: 30 km / h.
12-inch pneumatic wheels.
Motor: 350W – Brakes: Front / Rear Disc – Speeds: 3 speeds.

See details and price

5. 2Drive electric bike

The Best Electric Bicycle 9

The generous battery will help you reach your destination without worries, the autonomy going up to 40 km if the bike is used in assisted mode.
The engine is reliable and powerful enough to propel you at a speed of 25 km / h.
The bike is foldable and can easily fit in the trunk of a car or in a small storage space.
3 operating modes: – full electric mode; – electrically assisted mode – the engine starts when the pedals are operated; – ordinary bicycle mode.

See details and price

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