WhatsApp backtracks and postpones the implementation of its new terms of use

WhatsApp is the center of attention right now, but not for the best of reasons. The application has been facing a real controversy since the beginning of the year . In question, a change of conditions of use which would require its users to share their data with Facebook.

Unsurprisingly, the news has not really aroused enthusiasm and many users have made the choice to delete their account and leave for new horizons.

WhatsApp backtracks and postpones the implementation of its new terms of use
Photo by Alfredo Rivera – Pixabay.com

To the delight of Signal and Telegram, that goes without saying.

When WhatsApp alienates its users

For its part, Facebook has tried to be reassuring, without it working. The grumbling has not subsided and WhatsApp is still facing a massive leak from its users.

Chance or not, the main interested party just announced yesterday at the end of the day a postponement of the implementation of these new conditions of use so much criticized. Initially scheduled for February 8, these are therefore postponed for several months and their implementation will not take place before May 15.

Should this be seen as a victory for popular vindictiveness? Probably not.

A postponement to May 15

We must indeed insist on the fact that we are talking about a postponement, and not a cancellation. WhatsApp therefore does not intend to backtrack for the moment and this additional period will therefore serve to clarify the situation a little more… and to reassure its users.

A strategy initiated this week with the establishment and sharing of an FAQ explaining, in essence, that users have nothing to fear for their data or their messages.

During the next few months, WhatsApp will therefore have a lot to do to get back into the good graces of its users. Whether this strategy will be enough to push the pill is a whole different story.

What about the GDPR?

Little has been said about it, but it should still be noted that WhatsApp cannot do what it wants in Europe. The GDPR requires it to soften this famous update of its conditions.

As Facebook's Director of Public Policy for Europe explained on Twitter, at our place, updating the WhatsApp Terms of Service and Privacy Policy will not allow Facebook to retrieve our data from others. advertising purposes. In reality, there will be no change on this side and the idea, according to her, is therefore above all to allow companies to connect more easily to the users of the solution, and this in particular through its API.