WhatsApp: India does not want new TOS

WhatsApp has more than two billion active users around the world and, contrary to what one might think, these are far from all from Europe. In reality, it is mainly the emerging markets that are fond of the solution, starting with India, which represents a large part of its users.

And indeed, it seems that the new conditions of use of the platform are not to the taste of Indian politicians.

WhatsApp: India does not want new TOS
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We would have had to spend the last few weeks in the depths of Siberia not to know it, but WhatsApp found itself at the heart of a vast controversy last week.

WhatsApp in turmoil

At the origin of the case, a story of CGU. Facebook wants to be able to recover data from WhatsApp users for its advertising program and the social media giant therefore wanted to impose data sharing from February 8 .

At least that was the timeframe originally planned. When the case went public, WhatsApp faced a real outcry and sling from its users. Many have even deleted their accounts to join the ranks of Signal or Telegram.

Mistreated, WhatsApp therefore did an about-face and its teams decided to postpone these T & C changes until May. In the meantime, they have also launched a vast advertising campaign to try to find the good graces of its users.

India does not like the change of T & Cs either

India hadn't said a word so far, but that has just changed.

The ministry in charge of information technologies indeed sent a letter to the CEO of the solution in order to inform him of its incomprehension and to ask him quite simply to cancel the implementation of these new conditions of use.

As reported by The Next Web , the mail in question is quite direct and the ministry thus asks WhatsApp to respect the private data of its users.

Mail that should be treated with the greatest care. India alone has 400 million users for WhatsApp and the app can't really ignore it. The wrath of the Indian government could therefore have unfortunate repercussions.

India alone accounts for 400 million users

And of course, India is unlikely to be the last country to apply for WhatsApp accounts.

WhatsApp which, for its part, tries to calm the spirits. A spokesperson for the company said that the new T & Cs did not change anything and that they were not intended to endanger the confidentiality of user data. The solution will therefore continue to encrypt end-to-end exchanges and there is no question of making messages public, even by robots.

However, for the moment, these clarifications have not had the desired effect.

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