WhatsApp: the bad surprise of the beginning of the year

WhatsApp has just updated its privacy policy and new measures have been announced. As of February 8, users must agree to share their data with Facebook… under penalty of losing access to their account.

This is news that may not please everyone.

WhatsApp: the bad surprise of the beginning of the year
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WhatsApp in fact clearly announces the color: now, if you want to continue using the application, you will have to agree to share your data with Facebook.

WhatsApp will force you to share your data with Facebook

If you don't, then you will have to give up using the solution.

In itself, the news is not very surprising. WhatsApp had already taken a first step in this direction last summer by making substantive changes to its terms. However, the user could still decide not to share their data with Facebook.

From next month, the refusal will no longer be possible. Not if you want to keep email access, anyway. People who do not wish to share their data with Facebook will indeed have to give up using WhatsApp and they will lose access to their account.

According to WhatsApp, this decision was made in the best interests of the user. Thanks to this data sharing, the parent company will indeed be able to improve the user experience and ensure that the service is ahead of our needs. In fact, of course, the reality is a little different and this data sharing will above all allow Facebook to display more relevant advertisements and therefore to earn money with the data of WhatsApp users.

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An obligation to continue using the service

So of course, encryption requires, our messages will remain protected, but it is all the data around that can be reused by Facebook. Like the frequency of our connections, for example, our location or the people with whom we interact the most.

If the news will – and rightly – make some teeth cringe, it was finally expected. Like Instagram, WhatsApp is owned by Facebook and it has cost the firm enough that the latter is now looking to make it profitable.

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However, it is ultimately the alternative messaging tools that have the most to gain in the case. Faced with the situation, it would indeed not be surprising if Telegram and Signal recovered a few more users.

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