WhatsApp: user numbers appeared on Google again

WhatsApp has made a new blunder. On January 15, a security researcher by the name of Rajsnhekhar Rajaharia indeed found that Google once again indexed the phone numbers of several Internet users using the web version of the solution.

And this is not the first time that this has happened. You probably know this, but the same problem arose twice last year.

WhatsApp: user numbers appeared on Google again
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For several hours, Google had indeed indexed the phone numbers of hundreds of WhatsApp users. A simple request was then enough to find them.

The black series continues for WhatsApp

WhatsApp then intervened for the first time to secure the data of its users, but the problem recurred soon after.

Since then, we thought that everything was back to normal, but it seems that this is not the case. To believe that the famous adage does not lie. For the third time since last year, Google has indeed indexed dozens of new phone numbers belonging to users of the web version of WhatsApp.

And again, these famous numbers weren't very hard to find. A simple query based on the site: web.whatsapp.com command was enough to see them all appear one below the other, neatly arranged.

An indexing problem

A dumpling that obviously did not go unnoticed. Rajshekhar Rajaharia, a security expert based in India, was indeed able to see the problem and he did not fail to share the news with his contacts on Twitter. His message was relayed several hundred times in the space of a few hours.

A beautiful highlight that also forced WhatsApp to act. According to our checks, the problem no longer arises.

And this is a good thing. This data leak is indeed not very encouraging and this information could potentially be recovered by malicious users. Knowing that scams are numerous on WhatsApp – here are some tips to protect you from them – the fault committed by the teams in charge of the solution can potentially have serious repercussions on users.

Data that should never have been published

This is all the more problematic as WhatsApp would have, according to our security researcher, filled the loophole by setting up a robots.txt file. File which, as another Internet user points out, can in certain specific cases be ignored by Google robots.

Still, this new blunder does not come at the best time for the solution. WhatsApp has been facing a real outcry for a little over a week now, due to changes that its teams want to make to the T & Cs of the application.

A real sling followed the announcement of these changes and WhatsApp then faced a real exodus in favor of its competitors, which at the same time forced it to postpone the implementation of these new conditions of use for several months .

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