WhatsApp Web may soon no longer need your smartphone to function

A new update has just been submitted by WhatsApp through the Google Play Beta program. This is version of WhatsApp beta for Android , and it is the first update of the application for this year 2021.

According to information, this new version will allow users to use their account on multiple devices at the same time, without needing to be connected to the Internet on the main device.

WhatsApp Web may soon no longer need your smartphone to function
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At the moment, the new update is not yet available but WhatsApp is already starting to ask users to accept the new terms of service. From what we know, these new conditions will have no impact on existing features such as calls, messages or status updates.

Multi-device beta

Currently, WhatsApp is working on the possibility of allowing its users to try WhatsApp Web BETA. They can thus test the multi-device functionality. However, it is not known when the launch will take place. We only know that when this is the case, we will be able to see in the settings of WhatsApp Web / Desktop an option to join the beta.

The main feature of the multi-device beta is the fact that it allows you to use WhatsApp on multiple devices, whether on the web, on the desktop or in the Portal. In addition, it is possible to open an account on four devices at the same time.

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Several features available for future versions

WhatsApp Web Beta is still under development. Thus, some features are not yet available for the current version but the platform has assured that they will be integrated in future versions.

Among the features that are not yet supported by beta version, we can for example cite the deletion of messages or chats from a companion device, or the archiving and mute of chats on d 'other devices other than the main device. Making a call from WhatsApp on desktop is also not possible at the moment.

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In any case, let's wait for the launch of the beta to have the first impressions on the use of the new functionality. It will also be interesting to know when the other features will be launched.

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