When a hacker takes control of a male chastity belt and demands a ransom

Currently, the Internet of Things is in vogue and we like to connect all our devices to the Internet so that we can then have fun controlling them remotely. Indeed, it is quite practical and, let's face it, quite nice and gives us the impression of living a little in the future. Though. It is in our interest to choose sparingly which object of our daily life we want to connect to the Internet.

Why ? To avoid being in as bad a position as these victims of a hacker who took control of their chastity belt. You are probably wondering what it is and how is it done? This is what we are going to reveal to you from this true story reported by Vice on Monday January 11, 2021.

When a hacker takes control of a male chastity belt and demands a ransom
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For information, the chastity belt in question is a sex toy known as Cellmate, marketed by the Chinese company Qiui. Users put it around their genitals to prevent their erections. This toy is apparently used in the BDSM community and can be unlocked remotely.

The hacker took advantage of a security breach to take control of the chastity belts

Until now, we have seen hackers taking an interest in personal, banking or other confidential information. Only this time a hacker discovered a security flaw in the programming interface. As you can imagine, he rushed into it and took control of the chastity belts.

Fortunately, some did not put on their seat belts at the time of the hack, but other users did not have the same luck. In any case, the hacker locked the chastity belts and set out to blackmail his victims by telling them, through conversations, that they had to pay him a ransom in Bitcoin in order to hope to unlock the belt and see their genitalia again.

The hacker demanded payment of a ransom in Bitcoin

The security breach was discovered by researchers in October 2020, and security expert Smelly, founder of the vx-underground website that identifies malware, was able to get a screenshot of the hacker's conversation with one of the victims. Another victim, nicknamed Robert, claims the hacker demanded payment of 0.02 Bitcoin, or around $ 750, to unlock the belt.

In any case, this unfortunate situation demonstrates, according to Alex Lomas, researcher at Pentest Partners, the need for all companies to have a better security system and to always be in contact with cybersecurity experts to avoid this kind of vulnerabilities. .

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