When a YouTuber films a fake assault with fake cops

Some people are desperate to create a buzz. Even if it means causing problems with the law. This is particularly the case of a YouTuber from Senlis in the Oise who is talked about for having filmed a fake assault with fake police officers.

On December 5, 2020, this YouTuber known on social media as Marlone7710 posted a video that showed him being beaten up by the police. In the images, he can be seen on the ground while three police officers beat him severely with their batons. The scene took place at the foot of a building in his town.

When A Youtuber Films A Fake Assault With Fake Cops
Photo by Kon Karampelas – Unsplash

After the video circulated on the web, it was learned that the police assault had been fabricated by Marlone7710.

Willing to do anything to break through

In recent months, the cases of police violence have attracted a lot of attention. Apparently, Marlone7710 wanted to take the opportunity to create a buzz on the web. He therefore posted the video of his alleged assault on his Snapchat account.

The YouTuber got the reaction he wanted from his followers. Indeed, the video quickly made the rounds of social networks. It has garnered over 100,000 views and has been retweeted over 50,000 times. Subsequently, he broke the silence to explain that he had really been the victim of a police attack.

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An aggression orchestrated by Marlone7710

Of course, the police intervened to shed light on this case. Right after Marlone7710 was assaulted, police attended after being contacted by residents of the town. To their surprise, neither the YouTuber nor the attackers were there.

They therefore decided to open an investigation. It was then that they discovered that it was a fake assault. Indeed, according to the France Info site, the investigators were intrigued by the fact that the video was shot in a gendarmerie area where the police are not supposed to intervene. After being auditioned, Marlone7710 confessed that he had orchestrated his assault. His attackers were in fact his accomplices.

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He indicated that they had rented the uniforms for the staging and that the weapons were fake. Marlone7710 will soon be tried with his accomplices.

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