When Amazon India launches Amazon Academy, a platform dedicated to future engineers

Amazon India has just officially entered the online education sector. Earlier this week, the e-commerce giant announced the opening of Amazon Academy, a website created specifically to prepare students for Joint Entrance Examination (JEE). This includes a test which is administered by the Indian government and allows entry into reputable engineering schools in India.

At the same time, Amazon India launched a mobile app with the same name as the new site. This product, the beta version of which is available for download in Google Play Store, consists of various resources. “ The online preparation offering will equip students with the in-depth knowledge and practice routines required for JEE, through curated learning materials, live lectures and comprehensive assessments in math, physics and chemistry” maybe we read in a press release published on January 13, 2021 by the American e-commerce giant.

When Amazon India launches Amazon Academy, a platform dedicated to future engineers

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If Amazon India is to be believed, access to Amazon Academy will be free for the next few months.

Amazon Academy, a quality product?

Amazon India promises a product with great potential. “ Amazon Academy aims to provide high quality and affordable education to everyone, starting with those preparing for engineering entrance exams. Our main focus has been on the quality of the content, the deep learning analysis and the student experience ” said Amol Gurwara, Director of Education at Amazon India.

According to the firm, the tests available in Amazon Academy – chapter tests, partial tests and full tests – were created by "industry experts" . There will be 15,000 questions with various tips and detailed solutions. Regularly scheduled All India Mock Tests (AIMT) are also on the horizon.

More than 4000 Indian startups in edtech

The health crisis has made edtech gain ground in India. Amazon India is not the only company to jump into online education. More than 4,000 Indian startups like Vedantu, Unacademy and BYJU's have also made the jump.

Backed by US investment firm Tiger Global, BYJU's, India's leading online education portal, has also managed to raise $ 1.35 billion in 2020. The market leader is currently considering investing acquire the Aakash Institute Entrance Exam Preparation Center.

Taken under the wing of SoftBank, Unacademy, for its part, raised $ 264 million last year.

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