When an AI plays pastry at Google

In 2017, when creating its AI division, Google surely did not expect that we could develop hybrid pastries using this technology, a few years later.

Indeed, Sara Robinson , an amateur engineer of AI and baking, exploited the AutoML Tables , a codeless model generation system from Google, to make the Breakie and the Cakie . A new kind of pastries taking advantage of recipes that already exist.

When An Ai Plays Pastry At Google

Photo by Markus Spiske. Unsplash Credits

However, while Google's AI capabilities happen to be particularly amazing, it still has its limits.

Hybrid pastry recipes, developed by an AI

Sara Robinson first wanted to create a system that would, for example, differentiate a cookie from a bread or cake, depending on its sugar, butter or yeast content. But given the complexity of each recipe, the effectiveness of AI was not guaranteed. So Robinson took the initiative to push AI to develop its own pastries.

To do this, she first of all brought together all the ingredients allowing this technology to design a perfect mix between the cookie and the cake. And to his surprise, Google's AI gave the proportion of the ingredients needed to make the Cakie, which Robinson found to be truly exquisite.

Then Sara Robinson wondered what a bread-cookie hybrid would look like. She followed the same protocol for creating the Cakie and the AI concocted her the recipe for the Breakie, which has a consistency similar to that of the muffin. Note that to offer the recipes of Cakie and Breakie, the AI was based on already existing recipes.

Google's AI has a long way to go before becoming a pastry chef

First, Robinson pointed out that the AI was not able to define which utensils to use to develop its pastries or indicate the temperature required to complete their baking.

In addition, the AI gave only the quantity of the necessary ingredients, but did not offer any flavoring (like vanilla or chocolate). What Robinson herself added to perfect the recipe. There is therefore still a way to go before you can appreciate a real pastry concocted from start to finish by an AI. But we are on the right track.