When Apple Refuses to Repair a YouTuber's iMac Pro

Linus Sebastian , publisher of the Linus Tech Tips channel, completely dismantled the iMac Pro earlier this year. While reassembling it, the computer glass shattered. Linus therefore contacted the manufacturer to have the machine repaired… but the latter refused to comply with his request.

Linus Sebastian created his channel in 2008 to share his tips with the wider world. Over the years, he has managed to unite a large community around his work and his videos.

When Apple Refuses To Repair A Youtubers Imac Pro

Linus Tech Tips now has just over 5.5 million subscribers for a total of 1.6 billion views.

iMac Pro: a teardown that goes wrong

The YouTuber and his team have gotten into the habit of dismantling popular devices from time to time, so they posted a video about the iMac Pro at the start of the year.

While the disassembly went well, the reassembly did not go quite as expected. While staring at the screen, the technician in charge of the operation was in fact distracted by an electric arc and suddenly let go of the screen held in his hands. The lower part of the part hit the table and the glass was damaged.

Bending over the machine, the fine team also noticed that the logic board and the power supply unit were damaged.

Linus and his team immediately took the computer to the nearest Apple store in order to change the part. In view of the circumstances of the accident, they admitted their wrongs and therefore agreed to bear the costs of the repairs.

But now, Apple has not agreed to comply with the request. The technicians have cited a problem of availability of parts, but Linus for his part believes that the problem comes from the conditions of use, conditions firmly framing the modifications “tolerated” on the products of the brand with the bitten apple.

Apple refuses repairs

The conditions in question stipulate in black and white that the warranty is void when the product has suffered damage caused during an operation carried out by an unauthorized person.

Linus, for his part, is perfectly aware of having broken this rule, but he believes that the manufacturer should still be able to proceed with the repair if the consumer bears the costs associated with the requested operation.

Faced with the firm's refusal, the team turned to an approved service provider domiciled in Canada. Another setback, the workshop refused the repair due to the fact that the Californian company has not yet distributed the certifications required for the repair of the iMac Pro.

MacRumors , for his part, investigated and our colleagues then discovered that the resources dedicated to the maintenance and repairs of the iMac Pro have been available since December. In addition, several centers have received the appropriate training and therefore hold the certification required by Apple. Even stranger, spare parts for the iMac Pro have reportedly been available since the end of February.

On the other hand, according to a source considered reliable by MacRumors, Apple's partner service providers would be allowed to refuse repairs for damage caused by a customer's modification.

Apple has been contacted, but the company declined to comment.

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