When Boston Dynamics robots start dancing for the New Year

Surely you've seen the video with robot dogs that can jump and open doors. Well, these are robots developed by the Boston Dynamics company which has established itself as one of the best robot builders in the world. To mark the New Year, the company released a video, which has since gone viral, showing its creations dancing . One way to show how much technology has evolved.

In the video, we can see three kinds of robots dancing to the song “Do You Love Me” by Contours. They are Atlas, the anthropomorphic robot, Spot the robot dog, as well as Handle a robot intended to move boxes. We can say that robots have nothing to envy to human dancers. Atlas for example performs movements like the "twist" or a "mashed potato".

When Boston Dynamics robots start dancing for the New Year
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The video is so impressive that even Elon Musk, the billionaire at the head of SpaceX and Tesla among others, spoke about it on Twitter, recalling that it was not synthetic images.

Significant progress

Boston Dynamics, recently acquired by Hyundai from SoftBank, likes to give an overview of the capabilities of its robots. Thus, this is not the first time that a mechanical dance video has been published. In 2018, we were treated to a choreography performed by Spot the robot dog on the song “Uptown Funk”.

In any case, this new video shows the progress made by robots in two years in terms of dance.

A series of owners

Since its creation in 1992, Boston Dynamics has already passed into the hands of many owners. At the very beginning, the company was funded by DARPA or Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to develop a large dog-horse robot. In 2013, Alphabet, the company that owns Google, decided to acquire it. This lasted until 2017, when the Japanese company SoftBank became the owner. Eventually, Hyundai bought Boston Dynamics in the year 2020.

This succession of owners did not prevent Boston Dynamics from shining in the field of robotics. We therefore expect new products for this new year 2021.

In the meantime, you can watch the video below and see for yourself how robots can set the dance floor on fire.

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