When the Apple Watch helps find the victim of a kidnapping

In December 2020, in Texas, a woman was kidnapped. After receiving an emergency call, local authorities immediately proceeded to Lookout Hollow Circle in Selma, the location of the crime. It was the victim's daughter who alerted the police to the incident. The girl told officers she heard her mother scream before disappearing. Fortunately, investigators managed to find her by resorting to the most improbable means: Apple Watch.

The police relied on an emergency call made from the Apple brand device that belonged to the kidnapped mother. The call was made from the parking lot of a Hyatt hotel. The mother alerted her daughter that she was abducted by Longoria. The authorities then had the idea of using one of the location functions of the connected watch to find it.

When the Apple Watch helps find the victim of a kidnapping
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There are several ways to track Apple products. However, the Texan police did not disclose the precise functionality they used to locate the victim.

Adalberto Longoria suspected of aggravated kidnapping

According to the victim, it all started with an argument with the so-called Adalberto Longoria which took place in the vehicle. She would have begged him to stop, but to no avail. He would have expressly braked several times, violently, while the machine was in motion. The brakes would then have thrown her on the floor.

The worst would have been avoided when she told him that she had called the police. At that point, he would have seemed to have regained his sanity and decided to run away. He even allegedly spun her money.

Adalberto Longoria was arrested on January 20. He is suspected of aggravated kidnapping and risks heavy penalties.

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Police probably used Find My

In addition to the classic system for locating connected objects by triangulation of position in relation to telephone towers, there are other ways of detecting Apple devices. The Find My feature, in particular, can locate iPhone devices and Apple Watch models that are compatible with cell phones.

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It has already made it possible, in March 2020, to arrest two men suspected of breaking and entering. At the same time, the Melbourne police put an end to a whole chase.

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