where to buy the oppo watch at best price in 2021

Boulanger has pulled out all the stops for the sales. The brand does indeed offer a lot of discounts, including several on the Oppo Watch. The 41 mm version of the watch will therefore cost you € 219.99 , compared to € 299.99 for the 46 mm version.

In both cases, the watch is sold new and it comes with a two-year parts and labor warranty. Shipping costs are also offered, but you can also pick up the product in store.

The Oppo Watch From E 219 At Boulanger
The Oppo Watch will be launched in France in the coming days

Be careful, stocks are always limited and you will have to decide quickly.

The Oppo Watch at a knockdown price

The Oppo Watch has positioned itself in the premium connected watch segment. Very elegant, it inherits neat finishes and many functions which makes it a must have.

In terms of look, the watch therefore inherits a rectangular dial, with rounded corners and a slightly curved screen. The result is pretty to look at and the watch is also very pleasant to handle. Oppo has also had the intelligence to place two buttons on the right side of the dial to allow us to access the functions of the platform more quickly.

Very complete functions in addition. The watch works under Wear OS and it does not ignore any function. It can therefore display the time and date, but also notifications, calls and messages from our smartphone.

Focused on the quantified self, it will also allow us to keep track of our workouts and calculate the number of calories burned or our heart rate.

The Oppo Watch is also equipped with a GPS so it can follow our movements without requiring the use of a smartphone. Added to the list are an accelerometer, a pedometer and an altimeter.

The offer is solid and this little watch is a very good alternative to devices from Samsung or even Huawei / Honor.

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