Where we talk about Apple RA glasses

Apple , as we know, took a late interest in the augmented reality sector and the very first version of ARKit was thus presented well after the solutions of the competition. Which of course did not prevent him from meeting success.

Right now, only iPhone and iPad can take advantage of the development platform's largesse, but rumors have been around for several months of the upcoming launch of a pair of augmented reality compatible glasses.

Where We Talk About Apple Ra Glasses

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If the latter have not yet been formalized, many leaks have been identified in recent months.

Traces of Apple glasses in a version of iOS 13

The latest one comes straight from the MacRumors site. Indeed, our colleagues had the opportunity to access a beta version of iOS 13 tested internally, a version including an application called “STARTester”.

More interestingly, the latter would be used to switch the platform to head-up mode, on a product supposed to be placed at the user's eye level. Also according to our source, two statuses are associated with this tool: worn and held.

Intrigued, MacRumors pushed further its investigations and the site thus got its hands on a README file present in this same version, a file this time evoking a system shell called “StarBoard” probably linked to a helmet.

Mention is also made of a new augmented reality device by the code name Garta.

An essential launch for the influence of ARKit?

Several similar occurrences appear in this same version of iOS 13, occurrences respectively alluding to a “StarBoard” mode and several modes or scenes. Some classes have also been listed, such as ARStarBoardViewController or ARStarBoardSceneManager.

It must be admitted, for the moment, the situation seems rather confused. Several sources have mentioned a launch for the year 2020, including Ming Chi-Kuo, but others believe the product has been canceled by the company. For its part, Apple has of course not confirmed anything, which is not really surprising.

Now, if there is any doubt, we can not help but think that the firm has every interest in investing in a device of this type. The iPhone and iPad Pro offer very compelling experiences, it's undeniable, but they are sorely lacking in comfort.

Holding a phone or tablet at arm's length is fine for a few minutes, but not over long sessions. This of course has an impact on the adoption rate of the platform.

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