Where we talk about the Nintendo Switch Pro

Nintendo may be preparing a surprise for us for the next few months. While digging through the latest Switch firmware, a certain SciresM found elements suggesting a new console. It could be the famous Switch Pro that many expect.

To date, Nintendo has released two different versions of the Switch.

Where we talk about the Nintendo Switch Pro
Credits Anthony Ashley – Pixabay.com

First, there was the first model, a model capable of fulfilling the functions of a portable console and a living room console thanks to a clever dock system.

References to a new Switch in the latest console firmware

Then there was the Switch Lite , a less expensive console designed mainly for mobile use. A console welded to its controllers and which mainly targets those who do not need the dock and the functions that accompany it.

Two very different models, therefore, which could be completed by a third version of the console: the Switch Pro .

The latter, you know, has been the subject of many rumors, rumors that have been denied by Nintendo each time. But this time the situation is a little different.

SciresM, a hacker specializing in the exploration of firmware, in fact looked at the latest version of the console platform and he was then surprised to find several references alluding to an unknown console. Referred to internally under the code name Aula, this console would be powered by a Mariko SoC and it would be able, just like the traditional Switch, to function as a portable console or a home console.

A Switch Pro 4K OLED?

There is more interesting however. From what SciresM could see in the firmware, this new console should be able to support 4K. However, he specifies that this information should be taken with caution. It should be remembered that the Switch manages two different types of display. On the one hand, it has its own screen, on the other it can project its games on a television.

However, we should expect increased performance and probably also better autonomy. As for the console screen, it could switch to OLED technology.

At this point, it's best not to get carried away, but these few lines prove that it might be better to postpone your purchase until later if you were thinking of buying a Switch.

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