Which brand do you choose when it comes to video cards

Which brand do you choose when it comes to video cards

There are several aspects to consider when you want to buy a video card, and these include the brand. Globally, there are two big names: NVIDIA and AMD (formerly ATI).

Yes, you may find boards from brands such as ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI or Palit, but they are also from the two manufacturers mentioned above and you can see this from the name of the processor they have.

How important is the brand in choosing a video card

You should know from the start that at present, both brands have very high-performance variants on the market, which allow a very good running, an exceptional graphics, with an excellent resolution. What you choose depends on the budget you have, how much you can afford to invest in a video card.

If, for example, you do not have a lot of money, at the same cost you are more likely to get a high-performance model from AMD, than from NVIDIA, because the latter have slightly higher prices.

Advantages and disadvantages of NVIDIA

This brand is without a doubt the most well-known in the world in this segment, and the quality of the products offered made it reach here. The video cards that belong to this manufacturer stand out with very good graphics, excellent compatibility with Intel processors (famous for being the best), very good results in intense use and a very convenient value for money. I am in the top of preferences when it comes to professional gamers.

If we were to talk a little about the disadvantages of such a variant, we could mention: the price is quite high compared to the main competitor, the launch of drivers is quite rare and the incompatibility with certain programs and games (Hitman, DOOM).

Which brand do you choose when it comes to video cards

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