Why does it matter what video card you have on your laptop

Why does it matter what video card you have on your laptop

One of the essential components of a laptop is the video card. It generates the image on the screen, making the connection between the monitor and the motherboard. If you are interested in finding out more about this device, read on.

How exactly does the video card influence the performance of a laptop

First of all, if such an element did not exist, it would not be possible to play back the image, because, as we mentioned above, the video card connects the monitor to the motherboard.

This component is especially important when it comes to gaming, because some games have standard requirements that must be met, and in order to be played on your laptop they must meet the necessary specifications. If you want to use your device for games, you need a dedicated video card, which can achieve very good performance and can be changed when you want to keep up with technology.

For basic activities such as office, browsing, etc. it's okay with an integrated model, which means it's glued to the processor and can't be changed and has a RAM of up to 4 GB. The better the video card, the better the content you want to display, it will run better and it will be able to be presented at a better resolution.

But if you intend to play, turn your attention to a dedicated component, with a very good memory, of at least 6 GB, GDDR5, GDDR6 type.

Also take into account the fact that on a laptop the video card is closely related to the display. In vain you want a very high-performance version, if the screen will not allow you to do so. For example, on an HD display you can't expect to have a Full HD resolution just because this component part would allow it.

Why does it matter what video card you have on your laptop

How to choose a laptop video card

First of all, you need to know that the best video card for your laptop may be an integrated one, so theoretically you can't choose it separately, but you have to pay attention to the features it has. This happens on the devices you want to use for all kinds of simple projects, multimedia content or other types of activities that do not require much of a laptop.

In such a situation, make sure that the video card has at least 2-3 GB of RAM and a resolution good enough to be able to enjoy movies in Full HD quality.

But gaming enthusiasts need to be a little more careful, because the video card depends on the performance they can achieve in games, but also whether or not some variants will allow running on that device. In such cases it would not be bad to have a maximum 4K resolution and the best memory, at least GDDR5, with a minimum capacity of 6 GB.

You may or may not change the video card on a laptop

This component can be of two types, namely: integrated and dedicated. The first variant is included in the processor, so, at the level of theory, it cannot be changed, but the second one, the dedicated one, should be separate and simple to change.

In practice, however, this is not the case. There are few laptop models that allow this exchange, and it is done with the help of a soldering gun, which is why, if you want an upgrade, we recommend you go to a specialized service.

Gaming is limited or not when done from a laptop

When it comes to games, the vast majority of people choose the PC over the laptop. Why? First of all due to costs. A really high-performance laptop, for such activities, could be purchased at a price of about 10,000 lei, while a PC with similar configurations could cost you even half.

But, as you can't always have PCs with you, because they take up a lot of space, many go for a more compact device, which is easy to transport and will allow you to play anywhere, as long as you have where to power it when you run out of battery. You don't need additional speakers, a keyboard or a mouse, but you do everything simply and quickly with a single device.

But, it would not be fair not to talk about the disadvantages of these products when it comes to gaming: they do not have as good video cards, reaching only 70-80% of the performance of some variants present on desktops, they are much more expensive, they become less efficient when used on battery. Also, let's not forget that a video card is quite difficult to change on a laptop, even if it is dedicated.

Why does it matter what video card you have on your laptop

What other things should I pay attention to when I buy a laptop

In addition to the motherboard, there are other very important components. But, first of all, decide on two aspects: the budget you have and the needs you have. Get started with realistic ideas.

Don't expect to be able to buy a high-performance laptop for 1000 lei or one that will allow you a quality gaming at 2000 lei.

What other details should you be interested in: the processor, which would be good to be part of a newer generation, possibly an i5, i7, if you want to run as well as possible, a better RAM than the at least 6 GB, if you do not want blockages in the event that your requirements are slightly higher than browsing and movies, a storage capacity as high as possible, allowing you to keep as many multimedia files as possible, but also a type of storage high-performance, giving you quick access to data such as SSDs

Then, choose a laptop with a diagonal comfortable enough for you, with the best possible resolution (at least Full DH) and a Cache memory of about 6 MB, to access the latest data as soon as possible.

If you don't want it to heat up quickly, see that the manufacturing technology is as few nanometers as possible, and if you want to connect as many external devices as possible, consider the existing ports.

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