Why KFC introduced a console capable of keeping your chicken warm

This year 2020 will not have spared us anything. KFC has indeed lifted the veil on a console developed with the manufacturer Cooler Master. Capable of handling virtual reality, it will also allow you to keep your chicken warm. No doubt, we are living in really great times.

KFC is often where you least expect it. Like Burger King, the chicken specialist is used to crazy and offbeat communication campaigns.

And Kfc Introduced A Console Capable Of Keeping Your Chicken Warm
The KFConsole, a one-of-a-kind console

The latest one is undoubtedly the most surprising of all. It is indeed not every day that a fast food chain presents a console.

The KFConsole can even keep your chicken warm

The KFConsole, that's its name, is therefore manufactured in partnership with a manufacturer that we no longer really need to present. It is indeed the essential Cooler Master.

The look is quite original. The KFConsole actually recalls the shape of the famous “buckets” sold by the brand, with very assumed colors. Black, red, gamers will be in heaven.

But that's not its main feature. KFC and Cooler Master have indeed created a compartment inside their seal. Accessible through a drawer, the latter will be able to accommodate the products of the chain (or its competitors) and it will thus be able to keep them warm thanks to the heat emitted by the components of the machine.

A good joke to end the year

If we are to believe KFC, the KFConsole does not lack power. The channel announces on its site compatibility with VR, but also with Ray Tracing. The console would even be able to reach 240 frames per second in 4K.

Too good to be true ? Sure, but the site looks quite serious and even lists some of the console's features.

The latter would therefore be built on a Cooler Master NC100 chassis and it would embed an Intel Nuc 9 Extreme card equipped with a 9th generation Intel processor. The graphics card model is not mentioned, but it is an Asus RTX. As for SSDs, we should expect two Seagate Barracuda of 1 TB each.

Now the whole question is how far will this joke go.

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