Why would you replace your TV with a video projector

Why would you replace your TV with a video projector

Some TV owners are wondering if a projector would work in its place. As you might expect, there are probably advantages and disadvantages to each device. We take the part of the projector, in the next section, focusing on what this type of device would have to offer, both for home and for office or bars.

If you enter the electronic sites, the offers on TVs, whether they are smart or not, will take the first place in recommendations and advertisements. Buyers are crowded to order the best models, or to equip all their rooms with a screen on which to watch their favorite content. Few people think of the alternative: video projectors.

We argue here why you might opt for such a thing, as some of you may even find out how well such a gadget will replace the TV in the room:

You can save space

Bigger means better – or at least that's how the best TV models on the market are advertised, and if we analyze market trends, we rarely see screens with a diagonal of less than 80 centimeters, lately . This could be a problem, as the apartment rooms have not been enlarged.

Video projectors are small – their performance does not depend on the size, but on the quality of the components – therefore, it will be a much better idea to invest money in something like this, than in a very large TV. In addition, a video projector, when not in use, can be stored very well in a drawer shelf, in a closet or in another room. Convenient, right?

The problematic part here is the presence of a wall on which to project, white and without paintings or furniture. But, another advantage is that you have control over the size of the projected image, depending on how close or far from the surface you will place the projector and how much image magnification you will select from the remote control.

Why would you replace your TV with a video projector

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