Will Google merge Android and Chrome OS?

Google is very active in the mobility sector with Android, but the firm has also developed a platform designed for laptops and thin clients, Chrome OS . Yes, but it would now like to move up a gear by merging its two products and integrating the second into the first.

The conditional is not there by chance. This information is not official and it actually comes from the Wall Street Journal and more precisely from several sources inevitably close to the file.

Will Google Merge Android And Chrome Os

Will Android and Chrome OS eventually merge?

According to the venerable publication, Google is considering merging its two platforms and creating a new unified product. This OS could even be presented next year, for a planned launch in 2017.

Google reportedly intends to create a new product by combining Android and Chrome OS

Contrary to what one might think, this product is not intended to replace Chrome OS. At least not completely. It would remain present in business and Google could even continue to offer it to manufacturers.

In reality, the firm would especially like to focus its efforts on Android to allow it to find its place on laptops.

Several media have contacted Google to try to find out more. Its representatives began by refusing to comment on the rumor, before denying it.

According to one of its spokespersons, the American giant would remain “very involved in the development of Chrome OS” and it would therefore not intend to abandon the project.

Google declined to comment on the rumor before denying the information

This is obviously not the first time that we have heard of the disappearance of Chrome OS and the platform is still there.

However, the signs seem to be accumulating for some time. The Pixel C , for example, comes in the form of a hybrid machine close to what Microsoft offers with the Surface but it is not powered by Chrome OS.

No, Google has chosen to equip it with its mobile platform.

Behind it, we must not forget either that the company is now managed by Sundar Pichai. He worked for several years on Chrome OS before taking the head of the division dedicated to Android.

And then, Chrome OS has still not found its place in the sector. According to StatCounter , its market share has peaked at 0.26% for several months now. Under these conditions, we can legitimately wonder if Google really has an interest in keeping its two platforms.


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