Windows 10: A complete tool for screenshots is in sight

Windows 10 is a good OS, but Windows 10 can be cumbersome at times. One of the things that can quickly get painful on Microsoft's latest operating system is the lack of an efficient, comprehensive, and easy-to-access screenshot tool. Some may argue that at present, three methods coexist to take Screenshots on the system. They won't be wrong, of course, but are they fun to use every day? Not really.

It is therefore with the idea of correcting all that that the Redmond firm has just offered to the members of its essential Insider program , a tool specially designed to take pretty screenshots. It's called Screen Sketch , it's relatively well designed, easy to master and it could take a thorn out of our side …

Windows 10: A complete tool for screenshots is in sight

Microsoft has just released an update for members of the Insider program. It notably contains a tool dedicated to screenshots in Windows 10.

If its general look tells you something, that's okay, Screen Sketch isn't 100% new. Microsoft has so far offered it on touch devices. This feature also appeared on the right of the taskbar, in the “Windows Ink” tab. It was also possible to make it appear through the Win + W combination on any machine. The novelty therefore comes simply from the fact that Microsoft now highlights this tool on all terminals running Windows 10.

Two ways to launch Screen Sketch on your bike

Satya Nadella's firm indicates that two main possibilities will be available to us to launch this “new” screen capture tool. You can use the following key combination: Windows + Shift + S; or more simply assign the opening of Screen Scetch to the Print command. Wr. Syst. of the keyboard.

By launching, the utility will automatically take a screenshot that it will be possible to modify, crop, annotate in one click and share on social networks or simply by email. Note that Screen Sketch is currently only accessible to Insider program testers. To be part of it, you must first register for the program in question via this page .

If, however, you do not want to use the tool that Microsoft will soon make available to us, nothing prevents you from resorting to the old methods. As seen above, there are three of them. You can go through:

  • The screenshot tool. A small window will open to take the capture, then a page will be launched to modify everything and save the Screenshot.
  • The Windows key + Print. Wr. Syst. This command will take a screenshot and automatically save it in the folder selected by default (in .png format, often under Images / Screenshots).
  • The Print key. Wr. Syst. Be careful, you will then have to go to Paint (among others), do a little “paste” and save the fruit of this hard work wherever you want.

Windows 10: A complete tool for screenshots is in sight

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