Windows 10: a new version is available for Insiders!

Microsoft has just rolled out a new version of Windows 10 . It is intended primarily for people registered in the Insiders program and it brings many new features to the system. New features that relate as much to its interface as to its functionalities. No doubt, the tile crunchers will have something to do this weekend.

This version is referred to as the number 14328 and is available to anyone who is enrolled in the Windows Insiders program. If you want to join it, then just go to this address .

Windows 10 A New Version Is Available For Insiders

Microsoft has just rolled out a new build for Windows 10.

When this is done, you will have to click on the purple button and follow the different steps that will appear on the screen.

A version reserved for members of the Windows Insiders program

The procedure to follow is not the same depending on whether you are using a computer or a smartphone, so try to select the right type of device when the assistant asks you.

Windows 10 build 14328 brings many new features, therefore. Most of them had been mentioned during the Build conference by the way and they should not surprise all those who followed with attention the announcements made during the event.

This version includes Windows Ink in particular. Integrated with Maps, Edge, Office and Adobe, this function allows you to take notes but also to draw a route on a map or even to draw, all this using the stylus that accompanies the Surface and some hybrid machines.

In addition, this function is accompanied by a character recognition system. The texts written by hand can thus be processed automatically by Windows 10 and they will also be interpreted differently depending on their nature. An example ? If you write a date in a note, then the system will be able to set up an event in the calendar if you give it permission.

Windows Ink comes with a full control panel for ease of use. Just press the button representing a stylus to make it appear, a button in the taskbar.

New for Cortana and the start menu

Cortana is no slouch either. Thanks to this new version, the assistant will be available from the lock screen and it will therefore be possible to ask questions without having to unlock the machine.

The start menu also has a new interface and all the applications installed on the machine will appear directly on the screen, without having to click on another button. Microsoft has also implemented a new vertical row on the left. It groups together several buttons, buttons that will give us direct access to the parameters or even to the file explorer.

Behind, the firm also made some changes to the Action Center and the notification center. Cortana will for example be able to display reminders in the first and users will also be able to choose which shortcuts to display in the area.

It will also be possible to manage the different audio outputs directly from the taskbar, without having to go to the settings. The system is somewhat reminiscent of what OS X offers when you click on the sound icon while simultaneously pressing the ALT key.

If you want to know more about all these novelties, just go to this page .

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