Windows 10: A video of Cortana in action

Cortana has been available for a few hours in Europe, and in France. At least for people with a developer account on Windows Phone 8.1. This is very good news, of course, because it also means that we will be able to take advantage of the Windows 10 Consumer Preview Assistant. A Consumer Preview expected next month, if all goes well.

However, some of us are luckier than others and this is precisely the case with the friends of WinBeta since they managed to get their hands on the next version of Microsoft's operating system before everyone else.

Windows 10 A Video Of Cortana In Action

“I'll be squatting your computer soon. Then I will enslave all your kind and you will have to send your son or grandson to the past to try to save yours. I ? I will eat popcorn during that time. ”

Nice performance, but there is better. While playing with the OS, they did realize that Cortana was active, and fully functional. Incredible, right? Certainly, and they obviously hastened to shoot a video to share their find with as many people as possible.

Voice instructions to launch applications, display information and many other funnier things than the next

Beta version requires, the assistant is not a model of stability, of course, but this clip allows us to learn a little more about how it works. Unsurprisingly, Cortana will eventually replace the search built into Windows 10. The user will only have to click on the button in the taskbar to launch it and make it appear on the screen.

Then, well he'll have to click a button to start listening. Yes, and that's where the real fun will begin. If he can ask the assistant direct questions, he can also ask him to make calls via Skype, create geolocated reminders, set alarms, record notes and do many other things all more exciting. one than the other.

But the really interesting thing is that all of these instructions will automatically sync across our devices. If you create a reminder on your computer, it means that it will also be active on your phone.

In short, on paper, it's pretty promising and I'm really looking forward to being able to put my hands on it.


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