Windows 10: all the differences between the versions

Windows 10 will arrive in less than a month now. True to form, Microsoft has chosen to offer its system in several versions or, if you prefer, in several editions. Each will have its own particularities and the firm has just put a table online to help us find our way around. Nice, no?

It's available now on this page and it focuses on four different editions: Home, Pro, Enterprise and Education. The mobile versions of the system therefore do not answer the call. At least not yet.

Windows 10 All The Differences Between The Versions

Not all editions of Windows 10 will offer the same. And at the same time, we suspected it a bit, right?

The functions of Windows 10 are divided into two distinct groups. We will find the “Core Experiences” on one side and the “Business Experiences” on the other.

Cortana and Microsoft Edge will offer the same experience on all versions of Windows 10

The OS will offer the same basic functions from one edition to another. The four versions mentioned above will thus be able to take advantage of Cortana, Windows Hello, Continuum or even Microsoft Edge without any limit.

It is ultimately on the business part that they will distinguish themselves from each other.

Windows 10 Home will be the most limited, of course, and thus it will be unable to connect to a domain server. He will also not be entitled to BitLocker or even remote desktop access.

If the user wants to be able to take advantage of all the functions related to Windows To Go, AppLocker, or BrandCache, he must necessarily go to an Enterprise or Education edition.

There are also some differences in terms of security or even system management. Azure Active Directory won't be available on Windows 10 Home, for example, nor will Credential Guard or Device Guard. This is not much of a surprise, of course, given the positioning of these editions, but it had to be emphasized.

Since we're talking about it, know that Microsoft has made the decision to deploy Windows 10 in stages. Everyone will not be able to enjoy the 29 July. It is therefore not because you have reserved the OS that you will be able to use it on this date.

The good news is that Windows Insiders will be first served. The bottom line is, if you're going to migrate to Windows 10, it might be worth installing the beta a few days before so you don't have to wait.

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